Monday, July 28, 2008

Hotdog Review, I Dream of Weenie

Well, I forgot to put the roast in the crock pot when I got up on Sunday morning so we had to go have hotdogs. In my defense, I can't put a roast in the crock pot on a Sunday. I can't do it. I can't be involved with any food prep on Sundays. So we had the roast today and it was great.

Anyhoo, my friend and KOTK teacher, Kathi (most of you know her as Ms.Kappy) gave me a newspaper article about a month ago with all of the best hotdog joints in Nashville. We also saw this place on the FOX News on Friday night.

Here it is in all of it's East Nashville glory. It's a an old VW van. It's quite charming. It's Nashville's Full Service Weenery. That's what the sign said.

Here I am. Don't you just love those hotdog flower boxes. Now this is not a sit down hotdog restaurant, this is considered a hotdog street vendor and there are no tables. You bring a blanket or your own lawn chairs. Street vendors can't have tables. Okay, I'm just going to tell you that this place has a trendy tree hugger vibe to it. I'm just sayin'.

They had all these people hula hooping in the yard. The hula hoops were available for the enjoyment of all. Lawnmower Man insisted that I hula hoop. All the other women were doing it and I guess he thought I should join in. And let me just say that this was the best hula hoop ever. This was a high quality hoop. Some ladies from Hooprama were there. Hula hoop exercise class? Who knew? We need this in the Hill. I could do this type of exercise.

The two people on the left weren't exactly thrilled with my hula hooping. They also weren't thrilled when we told them we would be eatin' outside. It was a little hot.

This was my chili cheese slaw dog. LM got the chicago. He had two. It was grilled. I prefer my dawg cooked on one of those roller things or steamed. We make grilled dawgs at home, but I don't want them like that from a restaurant/vendor. They also didn't have any onion rings or french fries. You have to have chips. I know they can only do so much inside a VW van, but I have high expectations. They also serve canned drinks and LM knew this so he packed his own cooler of drinks. $$$ We had to save money somewhere because we spent about $5 worth of gas to buy $10 dollars worth of hotdogs in Nashville. I prefer a fountain drink when I'm eating a dawg.

I can't recommend this establishment. I could make you this dawg in my backyard.

And my question to you faithful hotdog review blog reader...

Would you eat at I Dream of Weenie?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look! I'm a handlin' the snakes now

Hey CraftiMama, go get Wingtips. He's going to need to see this. He's not going to like it, but he needs to see it. My grandfather was a snake handlin' pentecostal preacher. Seriously, I'm not kidding you. Anyhoo, I went on a GROW (church visitation) visit tonight and I met Lucy the snake. The couple we were visiting came to the door with Lucy and after a little while, they said, "Do you want to hold her?" and I said, "Sumer with one M, will you go get my camera out of the car."

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unwrap a smile

Today I'm 37 years old. I thought I would share two birthday pictures from my childhood and tell you my burfffday plans. Don't you love it when people say burfffday instead of makes me laugh. Anyhoo...

This is my 3rd burfffday. You might be able to tell I'm sportin' a little attitude. I'm going to tell you what may be wrong with me in this picture...

1) I had to wear a yellow dress. It should have been pink. Please note: Everyone else has play clothes on for the "yard" party and I'm wearing a yellow dress with mary janes.

2) See the yellow bike. I think that's my gift. See #1

3) Notice other party participants are a fightin' over my gift.

4) I think my mother liked yellow. I did not. I like pink.

Please note: This is the good picture of my 3rd burfffday. I couldn't find the one where I had my head on the table crying and everyone is just standing there watching me cry. That must have been awkward.

This is my 5th burfffday. I broke my leg when I was four years old. That's another story for another day. (Let's just say, complete lack of parental supervision;) Anyhoo, I had to spend an entire month in the hospital with my leg up like this and that's where I turned five.

Lawnmower Man got me this for my burfffday. Notice it's not yellow. LM never forgets burfffdays or anniversarys and he did not have to ask me what color I wanted. After spending 19 birthdays with me, he's got me all figured out.
My girls got me a pink bag to carry it in.

And this is what I'm going to do on my burfffday. LM and the Medium Nanny are going to parent/child orientation at Tech. Me and the Lil'Nanny are getting dropped off at Camp Ellis for some lake fun. And I have to tell you I'm a little nervous about going to Camp Ellis.

The last time I was there this landed on my plate. Okay, it didn't have any ribbons around it. It was cooked. And I don't mean to complain. If you put something on my plate and I'm staying at your house...I will eat it. I'm just that polite. I may blog about it later, but I will eat it. I would also like to add that I didn't bring any chocolate on my previous trip. And all of the desserts had fruit products in them. You can see the predicament this puts me in...

I don't know if I can eat asparagus/unfamiliar veggies on my burfffday???

So I went to the Superb Target and picked up some sunscreen and my faithful friend,
Little Debbie. Never leave home without'em.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a Meme, it's long and you may get bored with the useless information

I don't really know much about these meme things but BooMama's doing it so I thought I would join in on the fun. I also have blogger's block...I have absolutely nothing to write about. I did have some awesome footage of me water skiing, but I could not get the video to load. You'll have to live with some mediocre facts about my life.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I0 years ago...1998. I had a 10 month old baby and an 8 year old that was almost ready to start 3rd grade. Lawnmower Man was working lots of nights at Saturn. We were living in our Lewisburg Pike house that we had built the summer before. Lawnmower Man spent lots of hours trying to grow grass on our 2 acre lot. Fun times. We went to my brother's wedding in Michigan and my sister came back with us to spend part of the summer with us. We actually took a spontaneous road trip to Florida because Lawnmower Man couldn't believe that my sister had never been to Florida. We attended TSC and I was the resource room organizer and helped Leighann with various preschool projects. I think this was the time when I was on a committee to start a mother's day out program at TSC. I also think I got a new washing machine that year. It was a Maytag.

Favorite Snacks
Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
Diet Dr. Pepper

To Do List
Lawnmower Man bought me a Palm Pilot a couple years ago but I really like to make a list on paper and mark it off. I don't like to check it off to the side...I like to mark it off. I don't usually make a list everyday. I make a list for the entire week and when I have most of the items completed, I make a new list and transfer any remaining items to the new list. This is not really all of the list, but I can feel that you're getting bored already and that makes me uncomfortable.

1. Make worship care room assignments for Sunday.
2. Go to staff meeting.
3. Go to lunch with a friend. Discuss some plans for the new building.
4. Take Lil'Nanny to a movie. (didn't happen.)
5. Check/return emails.
6. Buy sunscreen.
7. Write something on the blog. (I really didn't have this on the list. I just needed one more thing.)

Jobs I Have Had
Babysitter, Wendy's employee, office worker person at a camera store, daycare worker, Dillard's sales associate (baby department), receptionist, medical transcriptionist, insurance/billing rep for a medical lab, preschool director.

Places I Have Lived
Michigan, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee.

Bad Habits
Eating too many swiss cake rolls. I like to buy's a habit. I've always loved purses even when I was little. Reading blogs.

5 Random Things People May Not Know
My first "car" was a truck. A 1988 Chevy S-10. It was brand new, white and had running boards. I got the truck right after high school graduation in June and I totaled it in November of the same year. I flipped it...lots of times and I walked away with just a few bruises and a little soreness. I loved that truck. I was a sassy truck drivin' kinda girl. Obviously, a little too sassy.

After the truck, I became the not so proud owner of a used black Ford Escort. It was a nineteen eighty something? The Lord wanted to teach me how to live a humble life at a very early age.

When I was a child my CraftiMama let me watch both Dallas and Dynasty. That's why I love the jewel tones and some big hair.

My birthday is this Thursday.

My parents are southerners and I was raised in the north. I always hated explaining to the kids at the lunch table what kind of sandwich I had...baloney. I guess northerners are not that into processed meat products. Except hotdogs. The northerners know how to make a hotdog.

CDs I would want if stranded on an island
Timeless-The Selah Collection and Alan Jackson Hymns. I would also like a basic praise and worship CD, but I'm not really picky about the artist. Okay...maybe the chacha slide, the electric slide, the hustle, the cupid shuffle...I'm on an island with nothing to do, I might as well practice my dance moves. And really does anyone have electricity or a lifetime supply of batteries when their stranded on an island. Tom Hanks did not in that movie Castaway.

What I’d Do if I Were a Billionaire
1) Pay off anything that needed to be paid off.
2) Give money to my church ( I have to say that I work there and might get in trouble if I don't. And isn't that what everyone always says anyway.)
3) Write a check to the college of my daughter's choice. I would let the other daughter pick out her college and write a check for that one too.
4) I would pay for Alicia to go to Africa every year. Maybe if I did this the Lord wouldn't expect me to go...I know how to bargain with God:) If you're not reading about her Africa mission trip experience, you should be. Start here at the beginning.
5) I would take my whole family on a really great vacation on a beach somewhere and then to New York City. I've always wanted to go to NYC. Not a Florida or a Bama beach...somewhere in another country.
6) I would live on a lake or near a lake.
7) I would buy a boat and some skis. Maybe a jetski too.
8) I would move the rest of my family to Tennessee.
9) I would hire someone to clean my house. I would do my own laundry because I like the smell of laundry of my favorite smells.
10) I would have professional closet organization systems installed in all of my closets. If I'm going to be rich, I'm going to be organized.

No, you can't get your time's totally wasted...I don't give refunds. I'm supposed to pick a friend to do this too. If you're reading this and you have a blog, I pick you!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I had a little help from my friends...

Over a year ago, I asked some of the preschool mommies to help me with my new job in preschool ministry. When I asked for their help I thought they would teach a class, maybe help with VBS or help organize some rooms. I also thought that these relationships would stay inside the church walls. We would work together at church, and we would work on church business.

Well, I was wrong. Big time. Here I thought I was gaining some church work buddies and God had so much more to give me... sweet friendship.

This past weekend, we went to Ridgecrest, North Carolina for Lifeway SS Training. Our pastor was the Ridgecrest pastor this year and our church's praise team led the worship. A great time was had by all.

I thought I would take lots of pictures this weekend and have hysterically funny highlights of 7 women and one Lil'Nanny spending 6 hours in a Ford Expedition. I don't have any funny, but that's okay because Heather has had her funny pants on all week.

I only took a few pictures and here are the highlights:

Here we are playing Pit. Yes, that's the pastor's son. I've never seen a 13 year old boy so ready to play games with a bunch of thirty-something women. Obviously, he's a real ladies man. We also played the Mafia game again. During the Mafia game you have to close your eyes. I heard that the new youth pastor walked by the fellowship room and thought we were all praying. Another time we were playing a game where you had to write answers on paper and several church members walked by and thought we were having Bible study. I hate to point this out myself, but it's quite obvious that I have the reputation of being a very spiritual woman.

Sumer and I have July birthdays just four days apart. We had joked with Erin a few months ago that she needed to have a party for us. She and some of the other girls took a little trip off campus to pick up a few things and threw us a surprise party. They came through with a cookie cake, some Little Debbies, a journal/new pen, pink streamers and a birthday balloon.

Oh, and this, my sweet friend, Diet Dr. Pepper. A 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper. Ridgecrest was seriously lacking in the Diet Dr. Pepper. You can see the happiness on my face.

Oh, and then, AC gave me this. I keep a board at church that has all of the "new arrival" baby pictures. After they get old I transfer them to the back of my office door. She gave me this photo album to keep them in...

Thanks for the party!

I would also like to show you a picture of the nice accomodations that were provided for us. The rooms were very nice...kinda like a Hampton Inn. But it's true, this property is owned by the Southern Baptists, and they do not put TVs in the rooms. I wish I had a picture of Ashley C's face when she was told this information. I'm quite sure she was ready to transfer her membership to another denomination. They do however place a nice floral arrangement in the spot where the TV should go....there is nothing like staring at fake flowers after a long day in the mountains of North Carolina. If you get absolutely desperate for TV, you can go to one of their many fellowship rooms and watch.

And guess what...the makers of Dramamine called and they want to start placing ads on my blog.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm in the Mafia

Do you see these young mamas that I hang out with?

All in their cute strappy/strapless dresses, blogging on their laptops, going to the gym with their new fangled iPods and carrying their cute monogrammed diaper bags. Their so young. Their so hip. Their so 2008.

And then they all come over to my house and they want to play this game that all the young kids are playing these days...Mafia. I'm assuming you capitalize the word Mafia. I know it's what the kids are playing because my very own full grown adult daughter has played it. And I remember the first time she mentioned playing this game at a party that I immediately thought....

Oh my goodness, I hope that game doesn't have anything to do with the devil worshipping or anything. Yes. I. did. Because I always worry about what the kids are exposed to these never know.

Anyhoo, it all turns out okay. I played the Mafia, they did "kill" me and now I'm a cool hip mama too.

How do I know?

Since I started hangin' with these mamas I have also acquired a...

monogrammed diaperbag purse

And then I did something really crazy...

CraftiMama: Turn your head for just a minute.

I wore a strappy sundress to VBS. Oh.yes.I.did.

And a couple of them have even invited me to the gym.

Someone stop me now before I hurt myself!

(Just for the record, I never had one monogrammed baby item with my children. Not a bag or a burp cloth. Just plain old white burp clothes that I now use to dust my house. I did however bust out some paint pens and try to write my child's name on a diaper bag once...does that count?)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I didn't use good judgment

It all started with a trip to the mall this past Saturday.

I don't go to the mall very often, and I tend to get all excited by all of the different choices. The choices were never ending. There was pretty color and fun clothes everywhere. Fun, girly, cute clothes. Lots of pink. I could have stayed there all day.

I went to B.Moss. Usually a good choice. Great store for the thirty-something crowd.

I saw a pair of shorts and I just wanted them. I don't know why. They were calling my name. They were so on sale.

So, this morning, I was in a hurry and needed something quick to wear. Something that wasn't wrinkled from sitting in the dryer all weekend.

I started out with a skirt, but the zipper kept gettin' stuck. I had to go to the shorts. I had no other options. So I put them on and went on my way. I went to a meeting. After the meeting I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

And these were my thoughts...

Why on earth would an almost 37 year old woman put bedazzled hearts on her butt? Why? I don't let my girls wear shorts with words on their bottoms...why would I put these shorts on and walk out of my house...why? How old am I?

Please don't think I'm being ultra conservative. I have some jeans and shorts with pockets that have some sequins and designs on the pockets. Those seem okay. And these shorts are okay too...

But (no pun intended) why would I put two large hearts on my rear? Why? Why would I want to call attention to something that is already large and doesn't need two bright blue flashers on it. I read Big Mama's blog about fashion...every Friday. I should know better.

Notice the additional sequins on the front pockets. I was obviously channeling Porter Wagner when I made this purchase.
But in my defense, Miss B.Moss buyer, what were you thinking? Did you used to be the buyer at Justice or Limited Too? Was there some confusion?

P.S. Please don't call Clinton and Stacey.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

No, I'm not joining the Village People

Welcome, I will be taking you on a brief tour of the new preschool building at my church. It's not finished yet, but it won't be much longer.

Yes, I have to wear the cool hard hat or they won't let me in. I keep telling them that I don't really do hats because my hair is too big, but those construction guys don't really get it. Something about OSHA laws, safety and such.

This is one of the new baby rooms. The counters are covered in cardboard right now, but they are actually blue to match the "accent" wall. All of the cabinets are tan. Every room has a different accent color.

This room right's my new resource room. It's an organizing junkies dream. Not that I'm an organizing junkie or anything. It's going to have a sink, refrigerator, microwave and a dishwasher! It's like moving out of your starter home and into your dream home with super duper closets! Other side of the resource room with floor to ceiling shelves. Just picture it...clear containers with nice, neat labels. Please don't even think about using any homemade sharpie marker labels in my new resource room.
My handy dandy electronic label maker is going to be working overtime!

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Semi-Homemade with Teresa

Mom, I'm bored. If you've heard that one too many times this summer, then here's a fun little snack for the kids to make. All the ingredients are available at the Superb Target. It's not too messy, you don't need an oven and your kids will think you're all sorts of fun.

It's not everyday that you will see this girl churnin' out a crafty, little snack for the kids. But it turns out she learned a little something at VBS this year. She learned how to make flip flop cookies.
You will need:
Keebler Vienna Finger Cookies

Icing in a tube
You will need to purchase the handy little tips that are right next to the tubes of icing.
(Teresa chose red, white and blue. You could choose the color of your favorite pair of flip flops. I would have preferred pink.)


Step 1

Step 2

Look out Sandra Lee.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hotdog Review, The Varsity, Atlanta

So, if you attended the Deeper Still Conference in Nashville last year, then you are fully aware that there were some issues with the food service. Long lines. Lots of long lines. And all though we did get to go Deeper Still last September, we were hungry still.

Anyhoo, this time they decided to offer up a box lunch. Ya know, a turkey sandwich, water, cookie, apple and chips, all in a handy cardboard box. The box lunch. It's a handy little organized system. And y'all know how I love some organization. We were very excited about our little white boxes with food.


we saw 19,437 other women standing in the same line to get their cute little white box.

It was like a bad prison movie. Our uniforms were capri pants and floral print tops. I was so hungry and tried to stand on my tippy toes to see what the hold up was. The hold up was the 19,434 other women. Notice I said 19,434 women. That's because BooMama and BigMama had a nice friend that brought them lunch and they didn't have to stand in the line. And I'm going to start leaving comments on her blog today so that the next time a Deeper Still Conference rolls around maybe I can get in on that chicken salad.

Anyhoo, while I was standing in the line I was thinking...

it must be nice to be Beth, Priscilla or Kay because they probably get to eat at a nice buffet.

it must be nice to be in the band because they probably get to eat at the nice buffet too.

it must be nice to be married to someone in the band because the spouses probably get to eat at the buffet too.

And then I saw this girl...

Meet April. She goes to my church. Her husband Wes is in the band. I ran into her in the women's prison food line. I asked April why she wasn't eating at the special "band" buffet table? She showed me her tickets and said she had to stand in line like everybody else. The next time her husband signs a contract to be the guitar player at a major women's conference, he needs to negotiate a lunch deal for his honey. A woman needs to eat.

We did eventually get our cute little white boxes and we ate. But it just didn't satisfy.

On Friday afternoon Teresa G mentioned something about this hotdog stand. I really didn't think it would be possible to go there because I assumed that it was in the suburbs and would be too far out of the way. (a hotdog stand in the suburbs, what was I thinkin') Just to make sure, I called the Medium Nanny at 10:30 on Friday night so that she could google and mapquest the hotdog stand in relation to our hotel. It was just over a mile from our hotel and we made a plan to go there after Saturday's conference.

And now I will just let the pictures tell of His goodness to me...

This is the chili-cheese-slaw dawg with an order of onion rings. I also had a frosted orange drink. The frosted orange is like a dreamsicle in a cup. Obviously, you can see that God adores me.

When I saw my friend Teresa at church on Sunday, she immediately asked how many times I embarrassed Alicia at the Deeper Still Conference. I know, can you believe that someone would ask such a thing? And I promptly told her that I did not embarrass Alicia at Deeper Still. I probably didn't embarrass her until I put on this hat, took a bite of my delicious hotdog, raised my hands in the air to give a shout of praise to God and got back in the line again for my second hotdog. Yes, I had to get another. It was that good. Best dawg ever!

Thank you Alicia for being such a good friend and for going to the Varsity even though you hate hotdogs.

Hotdog review #1, Hotdog review #2

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