Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm in the Mafia

Do you see these young mamas that I hang out with?

All in their cute strappy/strapless dresses, blogging on their laptops, going to the gym with their new fangled iPods and carrying their cute monogrammed diaper bags. Their so young. Their so hip. Their so 2008.

And then they all come over to my house and they want to play this game that all the young kids are playing these days...Mafia. I'm assuming you capitalize the word Mafia. I know it's what the kids are playing because my very own full grown adult daughter has played it. And I remember the first time she mentioned playing this game at a party that I immediately thought....

Oh my goodness, I hope that game doesn't have anything to do with the devil worshipping or anything. Yes. I. did. Because I always worry about what the kids are exposed to these never know.

Anyhoo, it all turns out okay. I played the Mafia, they did "kill" me and now I'm a cool hip mama too.

How do I know?

Since I started hangin' with these mamas I have also acquired a...

monogrammed diaperbag purse

And then I did something really crazy...

CraftiMama: Turn your head for just a minute.

I wore a strappy sundress to VBS. Oh.yes.I.did.

And a couple of them have even invited me to the gym.

Someone stop me now before I hurt myself!

(Just for the record, I never had one monogrammed baby item with my children. Not a bag or a burp cloth. Just plain old white burp clothes that I now use to dust my house. I did however bust out some paint pens and try to write my child's name on a diaper bag once...does that count?)

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Ashley said...

It was fun!!! But this preschool "old timer" almost fell asleep when it was time for the Mafia townspeople to go to sleep! I wasn't just pounding my legs for the noise... but to stay awake.

And the gym... I know better. But I do have a super cool TOOTSIE ROLL song on my iPod because of you. (and Crank Dat and Don't Cha)and I have a great gift you gave me 3 years ago with a monogram on it.

NC said...

I was feeling like maybe I would start coming to these little get togthers to see what it is like. Now I really know I am the ANCIENT woman still having babies and here is why. ..
1. I don't even own on iPod.
2. I don't belong to a gym.
3. I can't wear a strapless dress because I am nursing and lets just not go there and when I am not nursing, well lets just say it would turn into a skirt real fast.
4. I do have some monogrammed items but I am not sure this is enough to be part of the group.

Oh well, I'll just stand on the sidelines with my cane and watch all the cute mommies! :)

Teresa said...

I saw all those cars parked at your house and camethisclose to stopping by. But I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your new, young, hip friends.

I hope your enjoying your mid-life crisis. :)

Jessica said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. I wish I could've made it...maybe next time.

Tammy said...

No monogramming here either. And don't those little white burp cloths make the best dusting rags.

Never heard of the Mafia game. I guess I better google it so I might be hip one day too.

Melissa Lee said...

Uhhh....I can't wear strapless. So what do I do the next time y'all have a get-together?