Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: T-Scarf

I didn’t have enough scarves so I thought I would start tearing up shirts so that I could add some pizazz to my wardrobe. 

So the first thing you need is a t-shirt. This is a ladies size large.

shirt 1

And you’ll need to cut straight across right under the armpit.

(Random thought: Why do little boys make noises with their hands and armpits.  I’m quite certain that’s the reason that God didn’t give me a son.  He knew I couldn’t handle the armpit noises.)

shirt 2

Now you have a rectangle that should look like this.

shirt 3

Now you will need to start cutting one inch strips.

shirt 4

Now it should look like this. At any point during this tutorial, you can stop what you’re doing and turn this into a dust rag.

shirt 5

Don’t forget to cut off the tag.

shirt 6

Now you’re going to hold the top of the fabric and pull on the bottom of each strip.  You’ll need to make it “spring” a little so that the strips don’t look so straight.

shirt 7

And then you just wrap it around until you have something that slightly resembles a scarf.  There’s a good possibility that someone is going to ask you if you have a cut up t-shirt around your neck. And then you just say…

I saw it on the Pin-Interest.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Messy Monday: Labels

Labels. I love them. You'll see evidence of them whenever I'm around. Some people like to make fun of this fact. I’m not sure why.  If everyone labeled everything; I would know where everything is and where everything goes. It’s a public service that I like to offer people so they will put items back in their correct spot. 

label 2I label my kitchen.

label 6I label my bathroom
b card pic
I label my children.
Okay, well maybe that’s taking it a little too far.  But my Dad always calls me Misty and that’s not my name.  It’s my sister’s name.  So obviously we should label our children to make it easier on parents.
labelmaker Label makers make the world a better place. You should have one.
label 1
And fancy labels make the world a prettier place.
You can get these free label templates here.
Happy Monday!