Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a Meme, it's long and you may get bored with the useless information

I don't really know much about these meme things but BooMama's doing it so I thought I would join in on the fun. I also have blogger's block...I have absolutely nothing to write about. I did have some awesome footage of me water skiing, but I could not get the video to load. You'll have to live with some mediocre facts about my life.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I0 years ago...1998. I had a 10 month old baby and an 8 year old that was almost ready to start 3rd grade. Lawnmower Man was working lots of nights at Saturn. We were living in our Lewisburg Pike house that we had built the summer before. Lawnmower Man spent lots of hours trying to grow grass on our 2 acre lot. Fun times. We went to my brother's wedding in Michigan and my sister came back with us to spend part of the summer with us. We actually took a spontaneous road trip to Florida because Lawnmower Man couldn't believe that my sister had never been to Florida. We attended TSC and I was the resource room organizer and helped Leighann with various preschool projects. I think this was the time when I was on a committee to start a mother's day out program at TSC. I also think I got a new washing machine that year. It was a Maytag.

Favorite Snacks
Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
Diet Dr. Pepper

To Do List
Lawnmower Man bought me a Palm Pilot a couple years ago but I really like to make a list on paper and mark it off. I don't like to check it off to the side...I like to mark it off. I don't usually make a list everyday. I make a list for the entire week and when I have most of the items completed, I make a new list and transfer any remaining items to the new list. This is not really all of the list, but I can feel that you're getting bored already and that makes me uncomfortable.

1. Make worship care room assignments for Sunday.
2. Go to staff meeting.
3. Go to lunch with a friend. Discuss some plans for the new building.
4. Take Lil'Nanny to a movie. (didn't happen.)
5. Check/return emails.
6. Buy sunscreen.
7. Write something on the blog. (I really didn't have this on the list. I just needed one more thing.)

Jobs I Have Had
Babysitter, Wendy's employee, office worker person at a camera store, daycare worker, Dillard's sales associate (baby department), receptionist, medical transcriptionist, insurance/billing rep for a medical lab, preschool director.

Places I Have Lived
Michigan, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee.

Bad Habits
Eating too many swiss cake rolls. I like to buy purses...it's a habit. I've always loved purses even when I was little. Reading blogs.

5 Random Things People May Not Know
My first "car" was a truck. A 1988 Chevy S-10. It was brand new, white and had running boards. I got the truck right after high school graduation in June and I totaled it in November of the same year. I flipped it...lots of times and I walked away with just a few bruises and a little soreness. I loved that truck. I was a sassy truck drivin' kinda girl. Obviously, a little too sassy.

After the truck, I became the not so proud owner of a used black Ford Escort. It was a nineteen eighty something? The Lord wanted to teach me how to live a humble life at a very early age.

When I was a child my CraftiMama let me watch both Dallas and Dynasty. That's why I love the jewel tones and some big hair.

My birthday is this Thursday.

My parents are southerners and I was raised in the north. I always hated explaining to the kids at the lunch table what kind of sandwich I had...baloney. I guess northerners are not that into processed meat products. Except hotdogs. The northerners know how to make a hotdog.

CDs I would want if stranded on an island
Timeless-The Selah Collection and Alan Jackson Hymns. I would also like a basic praise and worship CD, but I'm not really picky about the artist. Okay...maybe the chacha slide, the electric slide, the hustle, the cupid shuffle...I'm on an island with nothing to do, I might as well practice my dance moves. And really does anyone have electricity or a lifetime supply of batteries when their stranded on an island. Tom Hanks did not in that movie Castaway.

What I’d Do if I Were a Billionaire
1) Pay off anything that needed to be paid off.
2) Give money to my church ( I have to say that I work there and might get in trouble if I don't. And isn't that what everyone always says anyway.)
3) Write a check to the college of my daughter's choice. I would let the other daughter pick out her college and write a check for that one too.
4) I would pay for Alicia to go to Africa every year. Maybe if I did this the Lord wouldn't expect me to go...I know how to bargain with God:) If you're not reading about her Africa mission trip experience, you should be. Start here at the beginning.
5) I would take my whole family on a really great vacation on a beach somewhere and then to New York City. I've always wanted to go to NYC. Not a Florida or a Bama beach...somewhere in another country.
6) I would live on a lake or near a lake.
7) I would buy a boat and some skis. Maybe a jetski too.
8) I would move the rest of my family to Tennessee.
9) I would hire someone to clean my house. I would do my own laundry because I like the smell of laundry detergent...one of my favorite smells.
10) I would have professional closet organization systems installed in all of my closets. If I'm going to be rich, I'm going to be organized.

No, you can't get your time back...it's totally wasted...I don't give refunds. I'm supposed to pick a friend to do this too. If you're reading this and you have a blog, I pick you!

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Wags said...

not useless at all... if you made it through my last blog AND left a comment you're doing well...

plus, i was pleasantly suprised to see you lived in the promised land for a while... GO BUCKS! :)

you're not gonna believe the language my girl is picking up. In less than a week of being away, she jabbers like something crazy, and has learned to put her hand out in front of her and tell me to stop it. just can't wait 'til i can catch it on camera.

jamn bell said...

Never knew that you were a purse hog like me. Why didn't you participate with our KOK purse swap?

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what? I did this today, too! Happy birthday tomorrow. Love your blog!


Teresa said...

I actually learned a few things. So thanks!

And if anyone wants to learn even more about Big Nanny, they might want to check my blog tomorrow.

That's all I'm sayin.

Erin said...

Big Nanny was always shrouded in mystery to me, so I enjoyed the glimpse in. :)

Alicia (dna) said...

Thanks friend!
It's the thought that counts, but if you do become rich...I'll hold you to it!
Love you!

Tammy said...

Teresa's a lot of talk isn't she?! :-)

She threatened for my 40th birthday and nothing, I tell you, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. So maybe you will get the same!

And if BooMama does it, we all should. These are fun. I just might participate tomorrow.