Monday, April 28, 2008

Clean My Ride

Well, I spent the afternoon at the car wash dusting, windexing and vacuuming my ride. I discovered a few things along the way...

It will cost a buck fifty to vacuum the entire vehicle. This included the back.

It will cost six bucks for the express wash. Lawnmower Man used to wash my car almost every Saturday until I started parking at the dust bowl. (aka: church parking lot) Now he doesn't see the point and I'm forced to do the drive thru car wash.

I also found my favorite lipstick(Lancome Pout), I got it at an outlet store for $3. Great color. I also found an umbrella that I "borrowed" from the church welcome center one day. Yes, I will return it. It's one of those really nice big ones. I will return it. One day.

And then I found this...

I don't have a baby. But somebody left their baby paccie in my ride. You can claim it in the comments.

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Messy Monday, Clean My Ride

ren·dez·vous: 1. an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.
2. the meeting itself.
3. a place designated for a meeting or assembling, esp. of troops or ships.
4. a meeting of two or more spacecraft in outer space.
5. a favorite or popular gathering place. –verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
6. to assemble at an agreed time and place.

Today's Messy Monday project is my vehicle. The make of my car is a Buick. Okay, I already know what you're thinking. Only old people drive Buicks. Let me remind you that I'm married to Lawnmower Man. We eat dinner by 4 o'clock everyday. And one of his all time favorite restaurants is the Golden Corral. (Which I refuse to go to) So it's only appropriate that we drive a Buick. The model of my car is called a Rendezvous. It's a midsize SUV and it has been my favorite car thus far. I don't like the name though because it's really hard to spell and I'm a pretty good speller.

Please ignore the scratch...that's another story for another day.

Anyhoo, today is cleaning day for the Rendezvous. It's big time dirty. If I was caught in a snow storm and was stranded in this car for a week you would not have to worry. I would not starve I would gain five pounds. Because on any given day there's a possibility that this is in the back...

You can't starve with 14 boxes of Goldfish crackers in your car. And to the guy at Sam's Club that thinks that it's so funny to say...hey you must work at a daycare hehe everytime I shop there. Please stop. Because it's not funny. It never was. I certainly am not the first person in the history of Sam's Club to buy 14 boxes of Goldfish. I also wouldn't have to worry about stinkin' because with all those baby wipes I could take a "horse" bath everyday.

I'll be back later with the completed episode of Clean My Ride.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Senior Prom, April 19, 2008

My Prom Princess

She didn't plan on going to prom this year, but two weeks ago she called and said I found this really great dress for $20...I'm going to the prom! She loves to get a bargain. She had an appointment to get an updo. She walked into local establishment to ask the price and they said $75. She said no thanks and called to tell me that I was doing her hair. I don't do updos.

With Her Peeps

With Her Mommy

Bein' Sassy

A fun night for the prom princess not a fun night for the mommy that didn't get any sleep because prom princess didn't get to her sleepover location until 2 am.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

College Road Trip

Sorry, no Messy Monday project for today. I know it will take a while for you to get over the disappointment. I'll try to come up with something extra special for next week. If you need a project you can head on over to BooMama and check out her furniture rearranging and then go change one of your rooms around. Please tell me you're the kind of people that change furniture around...please tell me it's true. I always loved it when I came home from school and my mom had changed the furniture around. I find people around here don't change their furniture around very often. Do you?

Anyhoo, the Medium Nanny and I went on a college road trip today. I'm too tired and overwhelmed by all of the information that I received today to clean anything.

This is where we went...

I think I may even have some blog readers that are TTU alumni. Anyone want to give a shout out and tell me your favorite thing about tech?

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Hostess with the Mostess

So it was time for the annual You're a Doll Banquet at church. We heard a message from Micca Campbell. She is with Proverbs 31 Ministries. We heard some good music. Our very own Diva who hangs out with Sandy Patti helped lead us in worship. And we got to sit at a beautiful table.

Here are a few pics from the evening...

Oh look, it's our Hostess. This is her being all hostessy. I remember the first time I ate dinner at her house. It was a Tupperware party. She served me a full course dinner on china in the formal dining room. For a Tupperware party. If you call and tell me that you're having a Tupperware, jewelry, Southern Living party and you plan to serve me a full meal on china...I will be there and I will be your forever friend. No china, no RSVP. Sorry, I'm spoiled now. When you see the pictures below you will see that it's really not my fault. I blame it on Hostess.

Here is our place setting close up. Love the pink/lime/black combo. Notice I said lime and not green. I'm all up with the Southern Living color talk. They use words like wedgewood(blue), saffron(yellow), mandarin(orange)in their magazine articles. (My favorite part in Steel Magnolias is when Shelby tells everyone the names of her wedding colors. First person to name the colors gets a prize.)

Hostess bought us all a ticket and didn't let us lift a finger. Oh, wait, I take that back...she made us carry our dirty dishes to the truck. Just throw it all in the back of the truck she said. No worries, no stress. I'm not sure but some people might be stressed out by this happy, go lucky, handling of the glassware. I'm just sayin'. Not Hostess. Hostess was still happy. Here we all are with Hostess.

Nicole, Shelley, Hostess, Andrea, CoolShelleyT, Big Nanny, Robyn, Diva

Thank you Hostess for a wonderful evening!

For your viewing pleasure...a few pics of some of the other tables...

This table was done in honor of a lady at our church who was diagnosed with breast cancer this time last year. She's doing great now and her friends did a breast cancer awareness table for her as a surprise. She cried big time. Very sweet.

This table was done by Kyla and Tonya. Love this shade of blue with the black. Very pretty.

This table was done by Chris & Sandy. Love the little stones you did as favors. Love those red chargers. They really add a special touch;)

Thanks AJ for planning a great event for the women of our church. If you're reading this you should turn the computer off and go take a nap.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Even the most resourceful housewife cannot create miracles from a rice less pantry

I looked up that quote on the www. I think it implies that if you have rice in your pantry you can create miracles. I have rice in my pantry. No miracles are happening around here. I came close when I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken recipe. Easy recipe and it tasted good. But you can't really go wrong when you add two sticks of butter to a recipe. Helpful hint: I think one stick of butter would have been enough. Most of my friends will not try this recipe because they don't eat chicken on the bone. Yes, you heard me correctly...not only do I have friends that don't eat hot dogs, I have friends that don't eat chicken on the bone. I'm not kidding you. Somehow I missed these two very important facts on the getting to know your friends questionnaire and now I'm too emotionally involved and I just have to look the other way when their placing asparagus on my dinner plate.

Anyhoo, back to the pantry...

I placed lunch box snacks in these plastic drawers. Yes, I already had this.

And no I didn't go to Target and buy one of those bag holder things...I made do. I know that idea is gonna have Oprah calling.

The inside of the door is a good place to keep important school papers, permission slips, calendars, etc. Insider tip: teachers and school principals (aka: preschool directors) don't really like it if you don't turn your stuff in on time. I'm just sayin'. Oh and you thought the director "forgot" to place next year's registration in your child's folder.

Looks like I'm out of sugar. Don't worry I have new neighbors.

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Messy Monday: April 14

Honestly, I really didn't think I would keep this up, but you keep encouraging the blogging of my mediocre organization projects and I've got plenty to do. You're stopping me in the aisles of the superb Target to let me know that your buying containers to do your own closet and you're stopping me at church to let me know about your current organization projects. I'm very impressed with your participation. So in an effort to give the blog readers what they want I will continue on.

Today's Messy Monday project is...

the pantry.

I'm not going to Target to buy any cute containers. I'll have to make do with what I've got. I'll be back at the end of the day with the after pic.

Please don't write Oprah and tell her that you have found the latest organizing guru. She will call me and want me to be on her show and I'm not drinkin' her Kool-aid anymore. It would be hard for me to tell Oprah that I can't be on her show. I haven't watched her in over a week, but I'm not sure that I want to be tested yet:)

Happy Monday!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Well, yesterday was a Messy Monday but today was a Terrific Tuesday because this arrived...

And for those of you who are thinking that I'm being shallow and showing off my new furniture...I am! I've waited almost 19 years to have nice bedroom furniture and I'm showing it off. My sister called me tonight to find out what my new purchase was and she was excited that I got new bedroom furniture. And my sister is the kind of person that only gets excited about her new stuff. Not my new stuff. She's like that. But that's how bad the furniture was. She felt the need to tell me how bad my furniture was tonight. Of course, if you drove by my house today and looked at my front yard then you know what I'm talking about. And if you live in my neighborhood you have probably already called the homeowner's association about me.

Anyhoo, if you're looking for furniture Jones' Homes Furnishings is technically still open this week. They got bought out by a furniture liquidator and will be open for the rest of the week and will have an auction on Saturday. This is what the delivery guys told Lawnmower Man today...I'm not responsible if he did not hear correctly.

I realize this was not a real Messy Monday project. I'll do better next week.
I feel like a grown up now.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Messy Monday

Today is not a regular Messy Monday. I do have a project going on today and it is taking longer than expected. I've moved some furniture out and the killer dust bunnies are a little out of control. Tune in Tuesday night or Wednesday for the big reveal. It involves a local furniture store going out of business:) Sorry, I didn't take a before picture.

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