Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hotdog Review, The Varsity, Atlanta

So, if you attended the Deeper Still Conference in Nashville last year, then you are fully aware that there were some issues with the food service. Long lines. Lots of long lines. And all though we did get to go Deeper Still last September, we were hungry still.

Anyhoo, this time they decided to offer up a box lunch. Ya know, a turkey sandwich, water, cookie, apple and chips, all in a handy cardboard box. The box lunch. It's a handy little organized system. And y'all know how I love some organization. We were very excited about our little white boxes with food.


we saw 19,437 other women standing in the same line to get their cute little white box.

It was like a bad prison movie. Our uniforms were capri pants and floral print tops. I was so hungry and tried to stand on my tippy toes to see what the hold up was. The hold up was the 19,434 other women. Notice I said 19,434 women. That's because BooMama and BigMama had a nice friend that brought them lunch and they didn't have to stand in the line. And I'm going to start leaving comments on her blog today so that the next time a Deeper Still Conference rolls around maybe I can get in on that chicken salad.

Anyhoo, while I was standing in the line I was thinking...

it must be nice to be Beth, Priscilla or Kay because they probably get to eat at a nice buffet.

it must be nice to be in the band because they probably get to eat at the nice buffet too.

it must be nice to be married to someone in the band because the spouses probably get to eat at the buffet too.

And then I saw this girl...

Meet April. She goes to my church. Her husband Wes is in the band. I ran into her in the women's prison food line. I asked April why she wasn't eating at the special "band" buffet table? She showed me her tickets and said she had to stand in line like everybody else. The next time her husband signs a contract to be the guitar player at a major women's conference, he needs to negotiate a lunch deal for his honey. A woman needs to eat.

We did eventually get our cute little white boxes and we ate. But it just didn't satisfy.

On Friday afternoon Teresa G mentioned something about this hotdog stand. I really didn't think it would be possible to go there because I assumed that it was in the suburbs and would be too far out of the way. (a hotdog stand in the suburbs, what was I thinkin') Just to make sure, I called the Medium Nanny at 10:30 on Friday night so that she could google and mapquest the hotdog stand in relation to our hotel. It was just over a mile from our hotel and we made a plan to go there after Saturday's conference.

And now I will just let the pictures tell of His goodness to me...

This is the chili-cheese-slaw dawg with an order of onion rings. I also had a frosted orange drink. The frosted orange is like a dreamsicle in a cup. Obviously, you can see that God adores me.

When I saw my friend Teresa at church on Sunday, she immediately asked how many times I embarrassed Alicia at the Deeper Still Conference. I know, can you believe that someone would ask such a thing? And I promptly told her that I did not embarrass Alicia at Deeper Still. I probably didn't embarrass her until I put on this hat, took a bite of my delicious hotdog, raised my hands in the air to give a shout of praise to God and got back in the line again for my second hotdog. Yes, I had to get another. It was that good. Best dawg ever!

Thank you Alicia for being such a good friend and for going to the Varsity even though you hate hotdogs.

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dna said...

It was great fun!! Hot dog stand and all. I'm so glad you could join us!
The quote from Beth was "If we aren't getting a fresh Word (revelation), then we turn to legalism."


Teresa said...

I didn't know there was a HAT involved in the Hot Dog Stand story! Poor Alicia.

I will admit when I saw April's picture I got a little riled up thinking you were about to say she got you into eat at the band's buffet. That would have made you a little too big for your britches.

Erin said...

Morgan saw your blog over my shoulder, the pic with you in the hat, and said, "Is it her birthday?" That double dose of hot dog sounded like quite the early birthday treat! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

That line is something I never want to experience again. I never did get my "Box Lunch".

Ended up going to the CNN center and getting some chicken fingers & fries.

By the way LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Varsity. I am from Atlanta and still get excited when I go home to visit my parents and my dad says "Wanna go to the Varsity"?

I am glad you girls had a good weekend!!! =)


Me said...

We can only hope that Ridgecrest has sloppy hot dogs on the menu.

AnnieBlogs said...

You totally should have come to have chicken salad with us! :) We had plenty.

Are you going to the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio?