Thursday, January 03, 2008

Restaurant Review

Last week we were watching the Food Network and they were showing the best places in America to find a good hotdog. I made the comment to Lawnmower Man that you just can’t get a good hotdog in this state. He quickly started surfing the web to find out where the best hotdog place was in these here parts of Music City.

A good coney dog is high on my list of “good eats.” When we are in my home state we always go to Bob E's Super Chief. It has been around forever (like 40 years) and they have perfected the coney. It’s old but charming. Not really. It’s six booths, four barstools and Indian memorabilia hanging on the walls. Their secret ingredient is the toasted bun and the Koegel Brand Hotdog. They butter up the bun and grill it like you would a grilled cheese. I top mine off with chili, onions, ketchup, mustard and a slice of cheese. I also side it up with an order of onion rings and a diet Coke. I think you should always have a vegetable with your

Anyhoo, Lawnmower Man found this place on the “Nashville’s Top 100 Best Places” list. So we loaded up medium nanny and lil'nanny and headed to Nashville. One thing I knew for sure was if we were going to get a good dawg we were going to have to leave the comforts of Williamson County. We were going to have to enter the not so pretty side of Nashville to get some "good eats". I've been eating dogs long enough to know that you'll never find a good hotdog stand in Brentwood. So we headed to Ewing and Lafayette. I had hopes when we drove down the street and looked at the establishment. It doesn't look fancy...that's a good sign. The area not so great...good sign. Things were looking up for me! Woohoo!

It was at this time that I had to make the big decision...Do I take my Coach purse into the not so fancy establishment or do I leave it in the car. I wasn't comfortable leaving it in the car. We got out of the car. Lawnmower Man seemed a little apprehensive. I said, "Don't wimp out on me now, were going in." We headed in the door, we were greeted and it was at this time that I knew I was not gettin' a good dawg. A southern woman with big hair asked us if we had ever been there before. She started explaining the types of hotdogs that they served. They call a hot dog with chili and cheese, "Texas Style". Anyone who knows anything about hotdogs knows that is called a "coney". I don't think Texan's are known for good hotdogs. I've yet to see that on the Food Network...maybe New York, maybe Chicago but Texas? She also said that the fries were great. I guess she thought woman with a Coach purse coming in, I'm going to have to explain the hotdogs to her. I was very annoyed by the explaining.

So we ordered. I orded the "Texas". Here it is...

Lawnmower Man ordered the Chicago. Here it is...

Here are the Lil'Nannies...(they are ketchup only girls, but I fully expect them to grow out of this.) Yes, they had to sit next to the buns. Seating was at a premium at this place.

Well, that was our day. Lawnmower Man was happy with his Chicago dog, I wasn't impressed with my "Texas" dog, Medium Nanny wasn't impressed and Lil'Nanny loved the fries. I give it a two out of five dawgs. If you know of a good place for us to get a dawg, leave it on the comments.

Some girls have husbands who take them to big fancy places downtown. But I have Lawnmower Man and he is out to find me the best dawg ever. It's the special times like this when I know that Lawnmower Man truly loves me.


Teresa said...

Maybe we should instruct Trisha to leave "Hot Diggity Dogs" off the GNO list. Or not.

And you should have put the purse in the trunk. You were just asking for it walking into an establishment like that with your Coach purse and your Posh hair and your big sunglasses. Oh yeah. I know you were wearin those too. There's no tellin what Tex put in your dawg. : )

Ashley said...

See... you are an excellent blogger... you just have to keep rolling.

Speaking of... T eats hot dogs at the theater after getting veneers... I can bet you she knows where to get a good one... I will ask Mr. Eats too.

NC said...

You and Steve would truly get along wonderfully in this mission. All he talks about is finding hot dogs and pizza like the north. I have found I LOVE Nathan's hot dogs and you can get them at our local Kroger and fix them the way you want! This is the strangest comment I have ever left! But hey, you are the Posh!