Friday, March 28, 2008

Restaurant Review, The Old Salty Dog

I couldn't go all the way to Florida and not be on the lookout for a world famous hotdog stand. So I started searching the www and found this. The Old Salty Dog was located in the area of one of my favorite beaches, Siesta Key in Sarasota. This is a picture of the wonderful sand on that beach. The sand is like flour. I brought some home in a ziploc for you to touch. Stop by and touch the sand anytime. It's in a drawer labeled...sand from Siesta Key. Not really.

Anyhoo, after we spent the day at the beach getting what I like to call a homemade chemical peel (my sunscreen issues are famous in these here parts),we headed on over to the Salty Dog. We decided to sit out on the patio area and enjoy our dogs in the sunshine. The Old Salty Dog is famous for their hotdogs because they dip them in batter and fry them. I know some of my non-hotdog eating friends are cringing. You know who you are.

So Lawnmower Man and I ordered the dogs, Medium Nanny got a roast beef sandwich and Lil'Nanny got a burger. We were waiting on our food when we noticed this guy. Look a bird. A crane. How fun.

Then he got a little closer. Lil'Nanny was getting worried. The waitress kept shooing him away but she also kept referring to him like he was an old friend.

Our food arrived and I was ready to dig into my dog. Lil'Nanny was still worried about the crane because he kept hovering over her like he hadn't had lunch yet. Here is my dog...

Medium Nanny was starting to worry as well. She mentioned that if we were at home someone would have already gotten their shotgun out and taken care of this problem. Shotgun talk at the table. So not necessary. It's just a bird. He's just part of the Florida scenery. Here is Medium Nanny's sandwich.

Oh and here is the well fed crane struttin' his stuff because he had just soared in and grabbed all of the roast beef off of Medium Nanny's sandwich. Lawnmower Man was disappointed because I didn't get this on film. But he was fast. Lightnin'fast.

At this point, the Nannies insisted we go inside the restaurant and eat with humans.

I give this dog a two out of five dogs. I wasn't really crazy about the fried dog. I know, I'm shocked by this too.

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Ashley said...

Seriously... the bird ate the food off of her plate?
Okay that right there is why I dislike birds and have an irrational fear of them. It is somthing about beach birds... have I shared that story... me, Cheez-Its and seagulls... still have nightmares.

Teresa said...

A fried hotdog is just too much for me to comprehend....and I'm from Alabama for heaven's sake. We fry everything.

Also, the bird story is cracking me up although at first I didn't believe it.

I did believe you labeled the sand drawer though.

NC said...

You went to Central Florida and did not stop at the Thong Girl Hot Dog stands on the side of the road to get a hot dog? What is wrong with you? That is where the good dogs are! Ok, so this is so inappropriate but when you live there a long time and see these girls on the side of the road and the amount of business they get, it is quite shocking!

Big Nanny said...

Yes, this is a true story! I'm not writing fiction. Had I only known about the thong hot dog stand...that would have been an interesting post:) not so family friendly.

dna said...

I have to tell you....I can die a happy woman even though I've never had a fried hot dog and hope that I never do!