Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unwrap a smile

Today I'm 37 years old. I thought I would share two birthday pictures from my childhood and tell you my burfffday plans. Don't you love it when people say burfffday instead of makes me laugh. Anyhoo...

This is my 3rd burfffday. You might be able to tell I'm sportin' a little attitude. I'm going to tell you what may be wrong with me in this picture...

1) I had to wear a yellow dress. It should have been pink. Please note: Everyone else has play clothes on for the "yard" party and I'm wearing a yellow dress with mary janes.

2) See the yellow bike. I think that's my gift. See #1

3) Notice other party participants are a fightin' over my gift.

4) I think my mother liked yellow. I did not. I like pink.

Please note: This is the good picture of my 3rd burfffday. I couldn't find the one where I had my head on the table crying and everyone is just standing there watching me cry. That must have been awkward.

This is my 5th burfffday. I broke my leg when I was four years old. That's another story for another day. (Let's just say, complete lack of parental supervision;) Anyhoo, I had to spend an entire month in the hospital with my leg up like this and that's where I turned five.

Lawnmower Man got me this for my burfffday. Notice it's not yellow. LM never forgets burfffdays or anniversarys and he did not have to ask me what color I wanted. After spending 19 birthdays with me, he's got me all figured out.
My girls got me a pink bag to carry it in.

And this is what I'm going to do on my burfffday. LM and the Medium Nanny are going to parent/child orientation at Tech. Me and the Lil'Nanny are getting dropped off at Camp Ellis for some lake fun. And I have to tell you I'm a little nervous about going to Camp Ellis.

The last time I was there this landed on my plate. Okay, it didn't have any ribbons around it. It was cooked. And I don't mean to complain. If you put something on my plate and I'm staying at your house...I will eat it. I'm just that polite. I may blog about it later, but I will eat it. I would also like to add that I didn't bring any chocolate on my previous trip. And all of the desserts had fruit products in them. You can see the predicament this puts me in...

I don't know if I can eat asparagus/unfamiliar veggies on my burfffday???

So I went to the Superb Target and picked up some sunscreen and my faithful friend,
Little Debbie. Never leave home without'em.
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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Big Nanny! Have fun at Camp Ellis and do not let her bully you into making those swiss cake rolls "splitties". Because we both know that's just wrong.

And way to go LM! Nice gift indeed.

NC said...

Can LM come and talk to my husband about gift giving? I know he has had his quirks in the past but since then I have to say, he has stepped it up girl! How awesome! Have a great birthday and can't wait to hear about your day.

Alicia (dna) said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope it's great!

Me said...

Happy Birthday Big Nanny!! I hope it is a fantastic asparagus free day for you.

And that 5 year old burffday? Bless your little broken legged heart! That was very sad, and you were very cute.


Griffith Family of Texas said...

I found you from the comment your Mom left on Boo Mama. Bless you!

Born to southerners but raised in the north... sounds like you made it back to the better section of the country!

Happy Birthday!

You have quite a wit!

Erin said...

Happy Burffday, BN!!! You sure know how to celebrate...on the lake with Little Debbie...I'm jealous! Now blast some Toby Mac from those boat speakers! ;)

Me said...

Happy bday! Were those first two pictures taken with one of those cameras that required the gunpowder and dark curtain over the photographers head? I didn't think so...


Melissa Lee said...

Happy Birthday.
You are adorable.
And look way younger than 37.
You are also Pretty In Pink.
You are a great skier.
And you are so thin you shouldnt' waste your time eating asparagus.
You are very funny.
I love you blog.
Thank you for all you do.
All your hard work at our church.

Can you tell I need out of Worship Care?

Happy Birthday girlfriend.

CEU said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Sumer said...

Happy Birthday!

Big Mama said...

I will think about that pink laptop all day. It is delightful.

Happy Birthday, Big Nanny! Hope you have a great one!

Tammy said...

I love your first photo. The clothes, the facial expression, the white stuff on the tree trunk, and mostly someone else riding your present.

Happy Birthday to Teresa's friend.

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday! I love a good burffday so I hope yours is a blast!
Love tiffany

Ashley said...

Happy Burffday my friend. I hope your sea legs fare you better this weekend!!!

I PROMISE I had that same round plastic table... it is a fond part of my childhood!!! But I did not get a bike until I was 10... and that was a long story.

Also... you must share the leg story. I do not know that one!

Have fun!

Sonja said...

All the way from Florida I am sending you birthday greetings! And just so you know, 9 years ago, on your twenty eighth birthday, I was walkin' down the aisle. I didn't know we shared such a monumental date in time!!!

Happy Bday!!

Tonya Lee said...

Wow, happy b-day Big Nanny. Now you have a pink laptop you will be bloggin' in style!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Nanny! Have a great time on the lake!

Wags said...

Well at least I know never to serve you asparagus (which we eat at least once a week) if we ever have you over for dinner... :) lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG NANNY! (that was just as much from Reese as it was from me!) :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! I am just a friendly stalker and will be the same age on Sunday. Your 3rd birthday looks very similar to mine at that age. The hospital story is rough. I don't even think my split chin at 5 could beat it.

Anyway, you are hilarious and I hope you are having a fun birthday week.

Robin said...

I'm a lurker coming out of the woodwork to tell you happy birthday. I thought I knew a lot about you, until I saw the True Hollywood Story. So glad I explains alot! :)

Happy Birthday...Be Blessed!
Robin Warden