Monday, July 07, 2008

No, I'm not joining the Village People

Welcome, I will be taking you on a brief tour of the new preschool building at my church. It's not finished yet, but it won't be much longer.

Yes, I have to wear the cool hard hat or they won't let me in. I keep telling them that I don't really do hats because my hair is too big, but those construction guys don't really get it. Something about OSHA laws, safety and such.

This is one of the new baby rooms. The counters are covered in cardboard right now, but they are actually blue to match the "accent" wall. All of the cabinets are tan. Every room has a different accent color.

This room right's my new resource room. It's an organizing junkies dream. Not that I'm an organizing junkie or anything. It's going to have a sink, refrigerator, microwave and a dishwasher! It's like moving out of your starter home and into your dream home with super duper closets! Other side of the resource room with floor to ceiling shelves. Just picture it...clear containers with nice, neat labels. Please don't even think about using any homemade sharpie marker labels in my new resource room.
My handy dandy electronic label maker is going to be working overtime!

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Me said...

That labeler will never know what hit it.

Ashley said...

Just tell me when I can bring mine and help.

NC said...

Wow! It looks awesome! Jonas can't wait to be one of the first occupants of the room with the matching counter tops and accent wall. What a milestone!

CEU said...

Wow!!! And I thougt the fireworks were mesmerizing! OOH! AAH!

bigethel1965 said...

I love your background. How did you make it? Ps. Your husband is a stone cold fox! Does he have any single brothers?