Saturday, July 05, 2008

Semi-Homemade with Teresa

Mom, I'm bored. If you've heard that one too many times this summer, then here's a fun little snack for the kids to make. All the ingredients are available at the Superb Target. It's not too messy, you don't need an oven and your kids will think you're all sorts of fun.

It's not everyday that you will see this girl churnin' out a crafty, little snack for the kids. But it turns out she learned a little something at VBS this year. She learned how to make flip flop cookies.
You will need:
Keebler Vienna Finger Cookies

Icing in a tube
You will need to purchase the handy little tips that are right next to the tubes of icing.
(Teresa chose red, white and blue. You could choose the color of your favorite pair of flip flops. I would have preferred pink.)


Step 1

Step 2

Look out Sandra Lee.

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Me said...

Bravo, bravo!

acer4u73 said...

These are soooo cute!!! We will have to make these tomorrow!! Awesome:) Leigh - NC

NC said...

Who would have thought our Teresa would become a teacher by profession AND a crafty, snack volunteer at VBS!

Joanne said...

Oh goodness me, that girl just never ceases to amaze me.

I found you through Teresa's blog. We roomed together at She Speaks.

You are so lucky to have her closeby!

Teresa said...

You think this is impressive? You have yet to see my sea turtles made with an oatmeal pies, pretzel sticks and vanilla wafers. I am truly a wonder.

Tammy said...

Wow. I never thought I would see the day that girl cranked out something so crafty and delicious! :-)

I must tell her I expect those little yummies when I come to visit!