Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I had a little help from my friends...

Over a year ago, I asked some of the preschool mommies to help me with my new job in preschool ministry. When I asked for their help I thought they would teach a class, maybe help with VBS or help organize some rooms. I also thought that these relationships would stay inside the church walls. We would work together at church, and we would work on church business.

Well, I was wrong. Big time. Here I thought I was gaining some church work buddies and God had so much more to give me... sweet friendship.

This past weekend, we went to Ridgecrest, North Carolina for Lifeway SS Training. Our pastor was the Ridgecrest pastor this year and our church's praise team led the worship. A great time was had by all.

I thought I would take lots of pictures this weekend and have hysterically funny highlights of 7 women and one Lil'Nanny spending 6 hours in a Ford Expedition. I don't have any funny, but that's okay because Heather has had her funny pants on all week.

I only took a few pictures and here are the highlights:

Here we are playing Pit. Yes, that's the pastor's son. I've never seen a 13 year old boy so ready to play games with a bunch of thirty-something women. Obviously, he's a real ladies man. We also played the Mafia game again. During the Mafia game you have to close your eyes. I heard that the new youth pastor walked by the fellowship room and thought we were all praying. Another time we were playing a game where you had to write answers on paper and several church members walked by and thought we were having Bible study. I hate to point this out myself, but it's quite obvious that I have the reputation of being a very spiritual woman.

Sumer and I have July birthdays just four days apart. We had joked with Erin a few months ago that she needed to have a party for us. She and some of the other girls took a little trip off campus to pick up a few things and threw us a surprise party. They came through with a cookie cake, some Little Debbies, a journal/new pen, pink streamers and a birthday balloon.

Oh, and this, my sweet friend, Diet Dr. Pepper. A 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper. Ridgecrest was seriously lacking in the Diet Dr. Pepper. You can see the happiness on my face.

Oh, and then, AC gave me this. I keep a board at church that has all of the "new arrival" baby pictures. After they get old I transfer them to the back of my office door. She gave me this photo album to keep them in...

Thanks for the party!

I would also like to show you a picture of the nice accomodations that were provided for us. The rooms were very nice...kinda like a Hampton Inn. But it's true, this property is owned by the Southern Baptists, and they do not put TVs in the rooms. I wish I had a picture of Ashley C's face when she was told this information. I'm quite sure she was ready to transfer her membership to another denomination. They do however place a nice floral arrangement in the spot where the TV should go....there is nothing like staring at fake flowers after a long day in the mountains of North Carolina. If you get absolutely desperate for TV, you can go to one of their many fellowship rooms and watch.

And guess what...the makers of Dramamine called and they want to start placing ads on my blog.

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Me said...

You are a great sport, Big Nanny! So glad you included me in on the younger preschool festivities. I'll run from the "address challenged" or bears with you any day.

Erin said...

I thought I'd never get you to that hotel room for the party!
I had so much fun, and I can see now why you have so many friends! I'm glad to be considered one of them now.

Kari said...

Talk about making a girl feel important...I made it to the wall on Big Nanny's site and am referred to as her friend all in the same week! I'm so glad we ended up being friends instead of just working together at church, too.

Teresa said...

It's such a relief to know you're new, young, sun-dress wearing friends threw you a party. Now you're old, tired, bathing-suit skirt wearing friends don't have to.

I'm also working on a "Big Nanny True Hollywood Story" for my blog. I think it's time these young, impressionable girls know the truth about you.

The Big Nanny THS....Coming next week to Livin the Wood Life. Look for it!

NC said...

I will be available for a face to face interview for the THS at anytime next week! Just let me know! Oh Big Nanny, I would be scared, be very scared!!!! :)

Sumer said...

With my birthday coming up very soon, I really like how often I am referred to as "young" on your blog.

Tammy said...

Get outta here, no TV's in the rooms. I'm changing denominations STAT. :-)

**don't worry Teresa, the young sundress wearing gals, will soon be part of our skirted swimsuit crowd.