Monday, November 07, 2011

The journey of 5000 miles must begin with a ride to the airport

This past Saturday I took my friends Tracey and Keith to the airport. Usually taking someone to the airport can feel like somewhat of a chore but not on this day because they were going to pick up their CHILDREN!  Yes, children, as in plural, as in two big boys are now going to have a family!  Needless to say, things were a little hectic with all the things that you have to remember when you're leaving 5 children at home with family members, packing for 2 adults, packing the clothing items for 2 new kids and various and sundry items.  It was a lot of stuff but at this point, I know how to get people packed and shipped off to's one of my gifts.

So we're riding along and there was lots of anxiety in the car.  The type of before going on a big trip anxiety because you're worried about forgetting something and then there's the anticipation of can you believe this day is finally here and we're going to pick up our children!  I think I asked them 5 times if they had their passports because I have an obsessive compulsive disorder of always worrying about forgetting or losing my passport.  So anyhoo, we get to the airport and we're pulling all the luggage out of the car and Tracey says...

Oh no! I forgot my SHARPIE!

As soon as I heard the word FORGOT, my heart started pounding and I was like OH NO! And then I heard the item she forgot and my heart settled quickly but she immediately said, "You have one of those in your car, right?  I bet you have one in your car and it's okay if you don't but you know how I like to travel with a SHARPIE so I can write names on water bottles." 

And yes, I had two Sharpies in my car because like a good girl scout, Big Nanny is always prepared.

No one guessed Sharpie!
What did Tracey forget?  Leave your answer in the comments or in the Facebook comments.  The first one to answer correctly will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.  Let the guessing begin :)