Sunday, June 29, 2008

Run, Heather, Run

This is me leaving Outrigger Island.

We arrived in the big city of Atlanta on Friday afternoon and quickly made our way to the Phillips Arena along with 18,487 other women. Well, it turns out we weren't quick enough because we were stuck in the nosebleeds. This was my fourth Beth Moore event and the first time I've sat in the nosebleeds. I persevered through it. The view allowed me to look stalk my fake BFF's, Big and Boo. It didn't take long for me to find them. They were sitting right behind Beth, Priscilla and Kay. Even though we were in the rafters, it was still good. We heard from Priscilla first and she gave us a word from Exodus about campin' in the wilderness. It was at this time that I told God that I wasn't a big fan of campin'. Priscilla assured us that the wilderness sets us up to experience God in a brand new way.

We had a great time of praise and worship with Travis and the praise team. Or what some might like to call the TSC family singers. Angela, Julie, and Wes were all there. Sometimes it just gets old and it would be nice to go somewhere and hear someone different sing. I mean, really, how many times can I hear Julie sing...

Wonderful, Glorious, Holy, and Righteous, Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant and Mighty, Healer, Deliverer, Shield and Defense, Strong Tower and My Best Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of everything Holy, holy, holy is Your Name

Just kiddin' Moving right along...

Later on that night, Heather and I came up with a plan. We would get up at 5 a.m. eastern time and get ready, leave the room at 6 and walk the eight blocks to the Phillips Arena. We would be the official seat savers for our group. So, we were off and walkin' down the dark streets of downtown Atlanta at 6 a.m.

So, we're walkin'. Did I mention that the streets weren't really crowded at 6 a.m. It was at this time that we were becoming more and more uncomfortable with our decision. It all started when I spotted two homeless men out of the corner of my eye. They were sitting on a stoop on a street that we were crossing over. And I would just like to mention one more time that there were no other people on this section of street.

And then I saw the homeless man start to get up off of the stoop...

Walk faster, Heather. We both increased our step. And we both made the mistake of looking back. Everyone knows that you never look back. Isn't that when life altering mistakes are made in horror movies. When people look back. Homeless man was now on our street and what seemed like only a few steps behind us.

Run, Heather, Run.

I'm quite sure the homeless man is laughing and telling all his friends about the two crazy women who had no business in downtown Atlanta at 6 a.m.

Oh, can Heather and Big Nanny run. And you thought the Olympics were in China this year. I can assure you that the Olympics were back in Atlanta this past weekend.

We finally made it to a more populated street with a McDonald's. McDonald's didn't open until 6:30 so we decided to go the Chinese restaurant that was serving sausage biscuits, eggs and coffee. We had our food and coffee and we were on our way. We arrived inside the arena, we were right in front of the door and got settled in for our one hour and 10 minute wait. The doors were finally opened and I said these three words yet again...

Run, Heather, Run

This was us after we scored awesome seats on the floor.

Look who is a sittin' 6 rows in front of us.

And there you have it. Big Nanny, Big Mama and BooMama.

It appears that I'm rubbing my hair all over Melanie's face but really I'm not. Thanks Heather for taking the picture. They were very nice and I don't think they were too frightened. And you know what I was thinking...

Wow, Big Mama has that really cool shirt on that she posted on her blog a few months ago.

There's more but I must sleep now...

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VBS 2008, aka: Baby Boot Camp

I always like to think of VBS childcare as a little baby boot camp of sorts. Most of these babies and toddlers are used to being at home with their mommies and it's good for them to get out and experience life. It's good for them to be around other kids, other caregivers, get a taste for new things and to build up their immune systems.

One of our favorite times at VBS is snack time. On this day, Reese experienced Dr. Pepper and Doritos.

Now you will notice that Reese is looking at the door saying, "What if Organic Mommy finds out about this?" And that's when I told Reese, "Don't worry, the Doritos are baked."

We also like to take part in nap time. (Notice I said "we")

And it's also important that they learn to be flexible and be able to grab some zzz's wherever you can get'em.

Lil'Nanny likes to take pictures of herself. Notice the middle left of this picture. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Someone once accused me of running a military school for preschoolers because I firmly believe that all children under the age of 5 need a nap time. Everyday. No, it didn't hurt my feelings, but I did almost name the blog, Big Nanny's Boot Camp. Oh, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that young children take a nap. Everyday.

And now, I would like to give a shout of thanks to all the mommies and teens who made this week possible. Thanks you to all that packed your little ones up every morning and drug them to VBS even though they weren't old enough to go to "real Bible school" yet. I'm a big believer in VBS and I think everyone should help in VBS. Yes, you heard me. Everyone. It's one week out of the year and it won't kill you. Remember that verse...go ye, into all the world. Well, the world was right in our back yard and many children heard the gospel for the first time and now know where they will spend eternity.

Anyhoo, back to the thanking. A big thank you to Chris and Ashley for all of your help. You both did all the work and planning. You both know that it it took a little bit more than a bag of Doritos and Dr. Pepper to keep the youngins' happy all week. It was fun and we'll do it all again next year, right? Right? Ashley, Chris, I'm not hearing anything? Next year, right?

And a big thank you to AC & and the people at McDonald's for providing me with the fuel to get through the week. I can do almost anything if I start off the day with a Diet Dr. Pepper.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Diving Away

By the time this post is up, I'm going to be: running out of Outrigger Island, sitting in a car, sipping a Diet Dr. Pepper, having some leftover VBS snacks, talking Alicia's ear off and driving away to Hotlanta. Yesterday, I was given a ticket to see Beth, Priscilla and Kaye at the Deeper Still Conference. I'm quite sure that we're going to be diving into God's Word. (That sounded so cheesy.) And I think BigMama and BooMama are gonna be there.

Don't try this at home. It took years to develop this technique.

P.S. That VBS post will have to wait.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just for the record...

I would love to write a post about VBS. I really would. I've heard your complaints about that picture of Handiman being up there for too many days and how you are waiting for some VBS highlights. And I would love to give it to you, I really would. If someone will come to night time VBS and do my job tonight, I will gladly take my little laptop into a quiet corner and get to bloggin' about all the fun we're having this week. Stay tuned. VBS Recap 08 coming soon!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm Worried...

I'm a little worried. Teresa is at the She Speaks Conference this weekend. I passed by her house today and this is what I saw...Handiman working with a large table saw and electric sanders. He is home alone and I'm not sure this is a good idea. Please go before the Lord with boldness and ask Him to place a hedge of protection around Handiman and this garage.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


You can click over here
to read the details and tell them congrats.
Won't it be fun for her to have lots of comments when she gets home.
So I went to the hospital to see this new little guy.
And I said to his mom, "I know this is your baby and all but I came all the way up here to see you and I will need to put a picture of us on my blog."
This is Big Nanny's House after all.
And she let me. She's good like that.
Sometimes the best things in life are surprises:)

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Well, we have a winner, but I'm going to save that until the end of my post. I want to ensure that you read the entire post. Because these Chik-fil-a kids meals are a hot item. 8 comments in one post. The sitemeter is spinning from all the blawg activity. I'm sure it was from everybody calling everybody laughing and saying, "Big Nanny doesn't know who tobyMac is. Go read!"
I'll probably get my Columbia Record Club Membership taken away and I won't be able to buy anymore albums for just a penny.

Anyhoo, I've done a little research. I've been to the tobyMac website and I've listened to a few of his songs. It took me a while to get there because I was all like, is it Tobey or Toby or Tobey Mac or TobyMac. I think it's tobyMac. He's quite funky. Quite funky indeed. And I knew a few of his songs. I was familiar with: Gone, Made to Love and Diverse City (this one would be my personal favorite.) I love any song that uses the words: freak show. I know these songs because long ago I was a Way FM listener. I realize now why I quit listening to the Way FM. They only play tobyMac songs. And I got tired of listening to the same 3 songs being played over and over again. Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. But it's true. They hit the repeat button quite often. Also, you need to remember that I don't travel in the car as often anymore and so I don't have a lot of music listening time. It only takes me 5 minutes to get to work. Also, when I was listening to the Way FM, they never transmitted any pictures through the signal so there is no way I would know what tobyMac looked like. Apparently, everyone else gets a picture signal or something. I don't buy CDs. Yes, you heard me. It's a rare event when I make a music purchase. I have an iPod now and I do buy some downloads from time to time. But this is still a challenge because I never know what songs to buy. And I do love music. I really do. My iPod is quite an eclectic mix. Run-DMC, Bon Jovi, Colbie Caillat, Kari Jobe, a Beth Moore teaching and the Big Boo Cast. Oh, I also have that guy from Third Day on there too. He sings a really cool version of Blessed Assurance. Have you heard it? I love Hymns. I'm going to get a t-shirt printed that says: Hymns Rock! or I love Hymns. But until then, I might get this t-shirt...

And now, I would appreciate some help. What do I need to be listening to? Leave me a comment with the name of an album and your favorite song on that album. I have to know the best song because there is no way that I will pay for a whole album because everytime I do this, I only like one song. So please, leave me some songs.

And the winner of the highly coveted Chik-fil-a coupon is...

Sonja over at A Day in the Life. And I also have a 2nd place prize for AC. AC knew who it was and exactly where he was sitting. Downtown Franklin at the Mellow Mushroom. AC gets a McDonald's non-sweet tea with 3 lemons and two splendas. But she will only get her prize if she starts a blog!

Also, I was quite impressed with Heather for having the moxie to go up to a quite famous person, hand him her baby and take a picture. Gotta love that!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost Famous???

Okay, I was sent this picture in an email today.

Do you know the grown up in the picture?

I didn't?

Apparently, he's famous.

Do you know who he is?

If you know who he is, leave me a comment that says: I know.

Do not type the person's name in the comments. Email here.

If you don't know who it is, leave me a comment that says: Clueless.

This is just an informal survey.

When I admitted my cluelessness to the email sender, her reply was:

Big Nanny, you don't know___________ when you see him? I spotted him from down the street.

Clueless. Call me clueless.

The first person to email me the correct answer will win a free Chik-fil-a Kids Meal Coupon:)

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Wordy Wednesday

Meet AC. AC is the VBS 2008 Childcare Director. I took her VBS shopping on Monday and we picked up the most important thing for managing 80 children under the age of 2. Fun times!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hip-Hop We Don't Stop...

Well, it's been a very busy week over here at Big Nanny's House. I will give you a picture review.

A week or so ago, we had a TSC Play day at Evans Park. This is EK. She sometimes gets me mixed up with her mom. She will come up to me and pat my leg and she thinks that she's standing next to her mom until she spots her mom across the room. EK likes playing at the park, non dairy snack products and climbing. It was a fun day in the sun with lots of blog talk. I'm going to make a TSC Mommy Blog roll over on the side. If you are a TSC mommy blogger and you want me to list you, LEAVE A COMMENT or send me an email.

Last Friday, the Lil'Nanny returned home from camp. This is her all up in her wood bunk bed. She got to sleep on the top bunk. Yes, they got rid of those creaky metal beds. Now that the beds are better, doesn't it make you want to go back there for another women's retreat.
She had a great time and came home all in one piece without any sunburn and only a couple bug bites. She was quite chatty when she got home. Her favorite thing was: FREE TIME! Wow, that's great to know because I can give her FREE TIME all day long at home.

After we picked up our happy camper, we headed on over to Logan's to celebrate the Medium Nanny's 18th Birthday. Steaks and a cookie for dinner. That's how we roll.

Last weekend was spent cleaning the house, washing a mountain of stinky camp clothes and some pool time.

Moving along to this week...

I'm gearing up for Vacation Bible School. When I think of VBS, I think of this word:
ox·y·mo·ron n.
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

I don't know how the word vacation ever got mixed up with Bible school.

We have had a little pool time this week too. We scored this new intertube on sale at the Superb Target. This is my friend, Pregnant Nicole. Pregnant Nicole will retrieve your child's pool toys if your child is afraid to ask for them back. She's good like that. And yes, Pregnant Nicole is still pregnant.

Moving along to Thursday. The Lil'Nanny and I got to go to Nashville Shores Water Park with our church. The Lil'Nanny learned all of her Bible drill verses and this was the prize. We had a great time riding water slides. I got to drive a 15 passenger church van full of children that do not belong to me. I'm not even going to tell you how much this stressed me out.

This is my friend, TJ and her two oldest boys. She got to go too. I probably shouldn't tell you how I failed to save her a seat on the van I was driving and she had to ride in the very back of the other van with a bunch of boys. Good times.

After we returned home from Nashville Shores we had to get ready quick and go to the Lil'Nanny's Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal. There were lots of ballerinas, hip-hoppers and tappers. Oh my! My friend, Teresa was there and she provided me with a consistent source of commentary and a minute by minute of what I needed to know to get through Recital 08 or what I will now refer to as the Last Dance. Yes, this will be the Last Dance for the Lil'Nanny. She was so over this dance class by March 08, but I made her finish the course. She was in the jazz/hip-hop class. Big Nanny Tip: Never schedule your child's dance class on Wednesday afternoon if you normally attend church on that night.

On Friday night I painted up my 10 year old daughter's face with make-up. Even mascara. Apparently this is how it's done in the world of dance. Tammy Faye would be so proud. Here she is...

I took Lil'Nanny backstage to the dancer's dressing room. I was almost blinded by all the sequins. We were able to find a friend...

Little Ocho and Lil'Nanny

I found Lawnmower Man and we headed to our seats. As luck would have it, we were able to find seats right behind the Woods and Little Ocho's Entourage. Because their entourage needed one more seat, Teresa was sent back to sit with me and Lawnmower Man. Basically her family kicked her out so that Handiman's brother could have his rightful place in the family row. Here we are...

Honestly, I was really hoping that they would send RubyDooby to sit next to me. I was hungry and there was a really good chance that she had a can of Vienna sausages in her purse.

So it was time for the show and Lawnmower Man asked the all important question of the night...

How many dances are we going to watch? Answer: 31 (Insert Teresa and Big Nanny giggling here.)

The show was very entertaining. It was fun to watch all of the girls perform and I knew so many. Many were my former KOTK students and girls from church. Lil'Nanny's first dance (#6) was See You Again. This is a Hannah Montana song. Lil'Nanny had to concentrate hard on her steps because she had not been to dance class in almost a month due to illness, ballgames, camp, etc. She made it through and we can all breathe a little easier knowing that she doesn't dance like me. They didn't exactly get to finish the dance because the curtain closed right when they were going to the side and coming back on stage to do the big finish. So much for the big finish. Teresa suggested that I should turn into a stage mother and demand that her class get to do their dance over. Are you kidding me???? I was so hungry. Her second dance was the High School Musical song, All For One (#28.)

I would just like to give a big shout out to the wonderful stage mother Heather. I went back stage during the intermission to check on Lil'Nanny and she reported to me that she was STARVING! (Yeah, me too!) Anyhoo, I quickly spotted Heather with a group of petite ballerinas and of course, being the awesome, resourceful and prepared mother that she is...she had snacks! And was glad to give the Lil'Nanny a rice krispy treat. Thanks Heather!

On the way home we let Lil'Nanny pick where she wanted eat and she chose Krystals. I'm quite sure that most people who attend the ballet always pick up a bag of Krystal chiks and some chili cheese pups on the way home. We're so cultured.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can We Talk?

Attention: TSC Mommy Bloggers!

Yes, all of you who were at the park with me last week.

It's time for some unBible Study...

The Women's Ministry of TSC
will host an all new Bible study by Priscilla Shirer


Thursday, June 12, Fire Starter, speaker: Rhonda Brady

Thursday, June 19, Life: The Edited Version, speaker: Lisa Cronk

Thursday, July 10, Who is the Lord?, speaker, Kimberly Johnson

Thursday, July 19, The Hedge That Protects, speaker: Kate Watkins

Thursday, July 24, My Pink Princess Slippers, speaker: Denise Wilder

Thursday, July 31, The Hole Under the Door, speaker: Jackie Jarman

Thursday, August 7, fellowship

Time: 6 p.m.
(the fellowship time is at 6, actual study time begins at 6:30)

Place: Upstairs Children's Wing

Every lesson stands alone so don't worry if you miss one while you're on vacation. Every Thursday night there will be a time of fellowship, worship, short video w/Priscilla, table discussion and a special speaker. I think there might be some refreshments too. I've already watched the first video and it's great. The woman knows how to dress. If you don't come for anything else, come for the fashion ideas. Oh, I kid! But she's a woman that knows how to wear her leopard print boots and a jean jacket. Will you be there? Okay, I won't really be at the first one because the Lil'Nanny has dance recital rehearsal, but I will be at all the rest.

Can We Talk? Soul-Stirring Conversations with God Priscilla invites women to throw open the doors of communication with God. This multimedia Bible study uses contemporary stories to encourage you to “have a conversation with God.” In this unique approach, Priscilla says, “I refer to this as the un-Bible study because the purpose isn't study. The purpose is to accept God's Word as an invitation to conversation.” Relevant topics such as the power of words, hidden idols, complacency, and living a God-fashioned life will engage the hearts and minds of media-savvy, on-the-go women.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

It's June and we all know what that's the month for weddings. I would like to share with you three of the best hours of TV that I recently watched. Let me just start by saying that I don't really watch a lot of TV. And Melissa, I'm not one of those people that uses the phrase, "I don't have time to watch TV." I'm one of those people that thinks that if you don't watch the show from the very beginning then you can't catch up with it. For example, I didn't get in on the first episode of the show, Lost, so I'm lost and I don't think it's possible to be found even if I go rent the DVDs. Really, I just think that show is probably over-my-head. And maybe a little freaky, too.

Anyhoo, I will tell you about these shows and encourage you to watch them the next time The Learning Channel airs them. All of these shows have one thing in common: Competition. And let's just say I enjoy a little friendly competition every now and again.

Made of Honor
One bride-to-be faces a dilemma that every bride must make - who will she choose as her maid of honor? With five best friends, our bride turns this hard decision into a fun competition where her bridesmaids compete to become her Maid of Honor.

One of the competitions was decorating a wedding a cake and then the bride would choose her favorite. Okay, this would be like the most fun ever. My friends would take this very seriously. And not because any of them would be dying to get to be my maid of honor and offer me love and support on my big day. It would be about bragging rights, who made the best cake and rubbing it in for the next five years. True friendship=fun times. Clean Freak and Hostess would be in the final face off. No doubt about it.

Running of the Brides
Get ready for the sale of a lifetime: Filene's Basement famous Annual Wedding Gown Event. Three brides and their friends and family will battle their way through a sea of white to find the dress of their dreams--for the most important day of their lives.

This would be a dream. I love a good sale and even more, I love searching for treasures. Finding that just so special something and then the high you get when you know it's the one special something that you just have to have and then getting a steal of a deal. We're talking $2500 wedding dresses for $400. The object of the game is to recruit the right people for your team. One of the most important elements of the team is to have some form of clothing or hat to identify your teammates in a crowd. Matching t-shirts, got that, check. The next important element is to make sure your teammates know their job. Are you a grabber (this person grabs tons of dresses off the racks), a negotiator (takes dresses you don''t like and swaps them with other negotiators), a blocker (protects dresses from the opposing teams grabbers), or opinionator ( helps you choose the right dress.) Check! I've got all of these people! If any random person out there is planning to go on this show, I'm here to tell you that you need me on your team! Email me.

Rock the Reception
New series that follows engaged couples as they plan an elaborate first wedding dance. World-class choreographers will work with bride, groom and bridal party to create an outrageous first dance that will knock the socks off their wedding guests.

If you need an example of this type of dance, look here. I'm here to tell you that I need a world class choreographer. I could make this person regret the day they chose their profession. Did you can take dance lessons at All that Dance in SH. Yes, this is the place where little girls take dance. But if your friends go in there and tell the owners that they have a friend that can't even sway on beat, they will take your money and start a course called Hip Hop Lessons for Dummies. Back to the show... These choreographers were awesome and they got to work with three couples. Couple #1- Late thirties black couple who could get their groove on. They were awesome. Couple #2- Sweet young couple that had danced at many a high school prom together. They were good, young and pretty. Couple #3-The exact opposite of #1 and #2. The bride had a background in theatre so she had no trouble and this was her big idea. The groom was my dancing soul mate. Bless his heart. But that's the point of the story...he danced from his heart and that made all the difference. He worked so hard for his bride and when it was time for the big performance, he was able to get his freak on, bustamove and get jiggy with it.

I believe these shows will air again around June 18th. If you know any brides that are looking for a maid of honor, wedding dress shopper or would like Hip Hop Lessons for Dummies then I'm your girl. Email me here.

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Friday, June 06, 2008


Andrea Lynn

June 6, 1990

9:17 a.m.

8 lbs, 10 oz

Scared Parents: Lawnmower Man & Big Nanny

I love to look at newborn pictures. I like to look at them and wonder what that baby is thinking.

When I look at this baby, I think she is wondering, "Are you sure, God? Did you get it right? This is who you want to be my mother? Are you serious? She's only 18? She hasn't got a clue?"
And then God says back to her, "Yes, I got it right because I need to give this girl some of my sweet grace."

I have often had a hard time wrapping my mind around the word grace and what it's true meaning really is. I've looked it up in the dictionary over and over again. And this is what the Merriam Webster seems to think it means...

1 a: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification b: a virtue coming from God c: a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace2 a: approval, favor barchaic : mercy, pardon c: a special favor : privilege d: disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency e: a temporary exemption : reprieve3 a: a charming or attractive trait or characteristic b: a pleasing appearance or effect : charm c: ease and suppleness of movement or bearing4—used as a title of address or reference for a duke, a duchess, or an archbishop5: a short prayer at a meal asking a blessing or giving thanks6plural capitalized : three sister goddesses in Greek mythology who are the givers of charm and beauty7: a musical trill, turn, or appoggiatura8 a: sense of propriety or right b: the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful
synonyms see mercy

and that all seems a bit too much and wordy. A few years ago, I sat in the Beef O'Brady's Restaurant with one of my fruit bowl girls, Andrea. On this day she gave me a simple definition of grace: When God gives you something that you don't deserve.

On this day, eighteen years ago, God poured out His grace to me in abundance. And I'm forever thankful.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

I Hope She's a Happy Camper

Do you see my girl? Do you see the shirt she is wearing? Yes, that girl right down there in that picture. That girl decided yesterday that she was going to camp. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. This is how it went down...

Lil'Nanny: Mom, I want to go to camp tomorrow and I want you to come with me.

Big Nanny: I'm not going to camp.
(Been there, done that and got the t-shirt to prove it.)
You didn't want to go to camp. Remember?

Lil'Nanny: Well, I think I'm going to go to camp now.

Big Nanny: I don't think they have anymore space. I think it's too late. I don't know that they can fit you in now.

Lil'Nanny: Oh, yes, they still have room. I can go.
(She acts like she has some connections or something??? What's that about?)

Big Nanny: Who is talking you into this? Who put this idea in your head?

Lil'Nanny: Ms. Heather said I can go.

Big Nanny's reply to Ms. Heather: If she cries, she's yours, in your bed, in your room. Have fun! (And don't think that Ms. Heather is campin' in the world famous camp _____ metal bunk beds. She's got connections and stays in the lodge. So the Lil'Nanny might end up with some posh accommodations.)

And you see that baby up there. She can teach the Lil'Nanny a thing or two about campin'. She's on the 2008 tour De' camp. Last week it was Florida beach camp and this week it's off to camp in the country. And then she's off on a mission trip or two. She knows how to travel.

Oh, and look, this is her cabin counselor, Morgan. (Camp Counselor Jackpot!) Morgan used to be our neighbor and we go way back. She's in college now and we don't ever see her much anymore. Morgan and the Medium Nanny used to play baby dolls and Barbies every Saturday. She also has another great mommy counselor that we love. We went over all of the possible issues this morning.

And she's off.
Please don't place any wagers in the comments about what day I'm driving to Timbuktu to pick her up.

P.S. I'm thrilled that she's off to camp. I loved going to church camp as a child, and I really wanted her to go. I think she just needed someone to encourage/want her to go.

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