Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bloggy Winner

Thanks for your comments!
Teresa over at is the winner of the Real Simple Magazine Subscription and a box of the crack rolls. Enjoy your reading in 8-10 weeks. I really did have a free subscription to this magazine. My renewal notice came in the mail last week and it has a place for me to send one to a friend for a year. The intention of this post is for smartelic reasons only. Some comments made reference to when the next post would be and I thought I would throw everyone for a loop with two posts in one week. I also wanted to practice the link thing:) I don't think I did it right.

It's almost Friday...I love Fridays!

Monday, November 26, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I know it's shocking to hear from me. I couldn't resist the favorite things list. Oprah's doing it. Teresa's doing it. Ashley's doing it. Here it highly anticipated list...

I think everyone knew these would be on the list. This is my equivalant to crack. I hide them from my children because I don't like to share them. Sometimes I forget about them. Most recently, I hid them in the glove compartment of my car. Just for the record-I don't think I've had one in over a month. If I bring this box into my house they will all be gone in 48 hours.

I love this store. This is where I buy most of my clothes. They send me lots of coupons that are addressed to: The Spencer Trendsetter. They obviously have heard about my sense of style. I don't have this top, but I like it.

This bin wall hangy thingy is from IKEA. I went to the IKEA Store on my last Michigan trip. It was oh such a very fun place. I have it hanging next to my scrapbook station and it holds scrapbook supplies and magazines. It looks better on the wall then it does in this picture.

I love big, fat, fluffy, chenille socks that you only wear at home. No particular brand. I put these on at the end of October and take them off at the end of February.

These are glass apothecary jars. Mine are not exactly like this. Mine are very large and are shaped a little different. I got them at Sam's Club. I have them on my mantle with Christmas beads in them. I've also seen them in the Pottery Barn Catalog.

I love monogrammed hand towels. I don't have the ones pictured. My friend, Ashley, gave me two monogrammed hand towels a few years, ago. I love them. They make a regular ordinary Target towel look really pretty and fancy. I love towels in general. Bath towels, dish towels, etc. This love of getting new towels, sheets, comforters, etc. it runs in my family. I bet you didn't know this about me. I got new hand towels from my sister for Christmas and they will be monogrammed this week.

This is my favorite magazine. The first person to leave a comment on my blog will receive a one year subscription. I'm not kidding! If BooMama can do it so can I!

We watched this movie on Thanksgiving night. It's a great family movie. I purchased it at Lifeway.

Well, there ya have it. Pink paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things. This was my first post with copied pics off the web. It only took me like two stinken hours!!!!