Monday, April 14, 2008

Even the most resourceful housewife cannot create miracles from a rice less pantry

I looked up that quote on the www. I think it implies that if you have rice in your pantry you can create miracles. I have rice in my pantry. No miracles are happening around here. I came close when I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken recipe. Easy recipe and it tasted good. But you can't really go wrong when you add two sticks of butter to a recipe. Helpful hint: I think one stick of butter would have been enough. Most of my friends will not try this recipe because they don't eat chicken on the bone. Yes, you heard me correctly...not only do I have friends that don't eat hot dogs, I have friends that don't eat chicken on the bone. I'm not kidding you. Somehow I missed these two very important facts on the getting to know your friends questionnaire and now I'm too emotionally involved and I just have to look the other way when their placing asparagus on my dinner plate.

Anyhoo, back to the pantry...

I placed lunch box snacks in these plastic drawers. Yes, I already had this.

And no I didn't go to Target and buy one of those bag holder things...I made do. I know that idea is gonna have Oprah calling.

The inside of the door is a good place to keep important school papers, permission slips, calendars, etc. Insider tip: teachers and school principals (aka: preschool directors) don't really like it if you don't turn your stuff in on time. I'm just sayin'. Oh and you thought the director "forgot" to place next year's registration in your child's folder.

Looks like I'm out of sugar. Don't worry I have new neighbors.

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CEU said...

C'mon Big Nanny aka: Superintendent. Careful with those stones girl.

About the "O" reference. Were you working that Sunday? (ha ha!) Did you miss the email? Did we not talk about her need for Jesus the night you got back from FL? You're going to have to start substituting Rachel Ray in your commentary.

Teresa said...

I'm not sure how I ended up with a friend who organizes things on her day off.

We clearly need to re-evaluate our relationships.

Melissa Lee said...

Uhhhh...were you kicking a shout out to me on that "the director forgot my child" comment? Cuz it kinda feels like you were. Especially considering that Remi's director did forget to put the reigstration in her folder - or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Me said...

Amen to the rice thing and I'd like to add a can of Rotel to that quote.
Nice pantry, Big Nanny.


Markus said...
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