Thursday, May 28, 2009

I had my own little earth day last week

I got all earth friendly last Saturday and took a trip to the Farmer's Market in Franklin.

I got some really pretty peonies. I just had to have them.

I got some local honey. I have a thing for honey these days. I probably need it to make me sweet. No one has ever mistaken me for a honey biscuit.

Sumer got some organic veggies. She smiles about veggies...I do not. I kept asking her what she was going to do with them. However, I did know that you need to place those asparagus sticks upright in a glass of water, in the fridge, until ready to use.

Hours later...on the exact same day, my parents came to town and we made a trip to a strawberry patch and picked some berries. Lately, whenever I eat grocery store berries, I itch. I'm not allergic to the berries just some toxic chemical that they spray on them. These berries are not certified organic but are not sprayed with any chemical. They have received in-ground fertilization. I'm really not sure who typed that last sentence...Look at me throwing around the term..."certified organic." No adverse reaction from these berries.
I think this picture needs to be on the cover of one of those cooking magazines.

We also took Wingtips & CraftiMama to eat at Marcy Jo's. Here is CraftiMama with Marcy Jo after she had just ordered the Elvis cake. CraftiMama loves all things Elvis, including this cake.

Marcy Jo's Mealhouse. Located on Hwy 431.
The burgers are awesome!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sew Many Blessings...

Click on the logo above and check out my friend Leigh's adorable embroidery items.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

C is for cookie...that's good enough for me

You remember last year when I wrote about my responsible baker and how the Lil'Nanny would be taking over her slave baking responsibilities. Well, it hasn't exactly been working out for us because the Lil'Nanny doesn't take it too seriously. I can only hope that as she matures that she will realize that I'm a much nicer Momma when some one's feeding me chocolate.

Anyhoo, since the Medium Nanny rolled into town, I've been eatin' good in the neighborhood. Last week she made brownies and this week it was brownie cookies. She made that apron she's wearing,'s got little teacups on it. She made me one too, it's a full front apron out of the same material. It looks really cute hanging in my kitchen. I should have a picture of me wearing it, but, well, I've never actually used it. But it looks cute!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Lil'Nanny had a part in the 1st-6th grade choir program last week. The musical was called Lifesong and featured the music of Casting Crowns. She played the part of a sassy, competitive girl named Abby. She had to audition for the part and it was her first speaking part. She was extremely nervous the day of the program. When we left the program that night, she said she was so nervous before the program that she thought she was going to throw up. She did a great job!

Here she is during the performance being sassy.

Here she is being dramatic.

And a big thanks to Ms. Ashley & Ms. Melissa. They do a great job coordinating this huge event and have spent almost every Sunday afternoon for the last two months working with the kids on their parts. The Lil'Nanny thinks that Ms. Melissa is one of the coolest/funnest people ever. I'm sure one day she'll be sitting beside her at Talledegga:)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nanny Pot

Last night, I decided to take a look at the old sitemeter. For those of you not familiar with Sitemeter, it's a free website that you hook up to your blog and you can see the traffic that your blog receives each day.

When I looked at the number of visits that I had yesterday, I thought it seemed a little higher than the last time I looked. One of my favorite things to do is figure out how someone got to this here blog. Now most people that visit, visit here because they are related to me, friends with me, attend church with me, etc. I also think I have about two blog readers that I've never met in real life. Yes, two. Obviously, I'm right up there with those famous southern bloggers, Big & Boo.

Anyhoo, when I look at the Sitemeter, I can see the specific words people put in their google search engine and how they randomly landed here. So I started to look at all the "referrals" that said "google"...and the specific words that were entered. And I began to see a pattern and maybe an explanation for the additional visits. Please note that I have bold printed the obvious...

Referring URL Search Engine Search Words oprah's nanny pot Visit Entry Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Visit Exit Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Out Click Time Zone UTC-8:00 Visitor's Time May 12 2009 4:54:45 pm Visit Number 26,028

Referring URL nanny pots&meta= Search Engine Search Words oprah show nanny pots Visit Entry Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Visit Exit Page Out Click Time Zone UTC-5:00 Visitor's Time May 12 2009 6:55:09 pm Visit Number 26,017

Referring URL nanny pot Search Engine Search Words oprah nanny pot Visit Entry Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Visit Exit Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Out Click Time Zone UTC-8:00 Visitor's Time May 12 2009 1:57:13 pm Visit Number 26,008

Referring URL Search Engine Search Words dr. oz nanny pot Visit Entry Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Visit Exit Page http://bignannyshous...not-for-sissies.html Out Click Time Zone UTC-8:00 Visitor's Time May 12 2009 9:55:09 am Visit Number 25,984

Now, if you're a frequent flyer on this blog, you'll remember that I shared about my catastrophic experiences with the Neti-pot, back in January. I also know that yesterday, Oprah, had Dr. Oz on her show. I don't watch Oprah anymore, but we were eating dinner at the Buffalo Wild Wings during the 4 p.m. hour and they had it playing on one of the televisions. I couldn't hear it, but I could see that it was "Dr. Oz" day. I had no idea that they were talking about me.

And again, I will bold print the obvious...

They heard my story and now, they've renamed the Neti-pot, "the Nanny Pot" and I didn't even know it. I'm really quite shocked that they didn't call me to be on the show?

Please don't be jealous, some of us know from an early age that we are going to have a life of fame and notoriety. The question is...Do you think anyone wanted to try the "Nanny Pot" after reading my story?

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Let's all go to our happy place

Today on the Big Nanny blog, I'm going to talk about something uncomfortable.

In fact, it's so uncomfortable that I'm going to politely ask the men blog lurkers who read this blog to move on along now. No Hotdog reviews today.

It's the kind of thing that is not really blogged about very much so my three original blogging buddies are going to look at each other and say, "I can't believe she blogged about that and why did we let her start a blog?"

You see the Lil'Nanny went to puberty class last Friday at her school. You know the little class where they separate the boys from the girls and they explain what's happening to your body. There's talk about body parts, body odor and the ever important lady products. Yes, I like to call them lady products. I don't like to call them feminine napkins like the school secretary used to call them because napkins belong on a table.

Anyhoo, she came home on Friday afternoon, and I started asking questions about the talk. I also asked her if they gave her any lady product samples. She started digging through her backpack and pulled out a pastel colored plastic pouch. I'm sure it was just like getting a goody bag from a birthday party. So here it is...

I would like to introduce you to the "Happy Kit"

Whenever you're walking through Target and throw a box into the cart...remember, it's like you're picking up a pack of happiness.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Just Another Messy Monday

Smells like teen college spirit around here. A Saturday or so ago, Lawnmower Man headed over to Cookeville to retrieve most of the Medium Nanny's dorm room belongings. AKA: Lots of unnecessary junk cluttering up my house.

You can see that we chose to place all of her belongings in her room in a very organized fashion. We didn't know what to do with this microwave so we just chose to carefully place it on her bed. I think the editors of Southern Living call that a focal point.

I chose to shut the door and walk away. Not my stuff, not my problem. But you know how it is when you try to sweep stuff under the rug and try not to deal with it...the stuff gets bigger. The stuff got bigger this past Wednesday night when the Medium Nanny actually came home and she had more stuff.

Said stuff was oozing out into the hallway. The door would no longer shut. This is the Lil'Nanny eating a snack and accessing the situation. She is so helpful. I take that back, now that I look at the picture she is just eating a snack. She's a most excellent snacker.

So when I got home from work on Thursday the Medium Nanny was a little overwhelmed with the stuff. So we got to work on the organizing. We worked for three long hours. We were able to fit most of the college stuff in her closet in a neat and very organized fashion. But we first had to do some editing. (aka: 3 bags of Goodwill & 3 bags of trash) Normally at this time I would show you an after picture. But I have to tell you that today's Messy Monday post is what I like to call a "reality" segment on the Big Nanny blog and as long as the Medium Nanny is home...there will be no after picture.

But that's okay. When your firstborn child has been gone for almost nine months and returns to your home still in one piece...that's the only after picture that you really need.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, May 01, 2009

What's next? Maybe she'll start Twittering? Or Tweeting? Whatever you call it.

It was about a month ago that I got the first one. I looked at my phone and there was a text message that said this:

Hey, I've got text.

Mmmm. Who is that from? I've never gotten a text from that number. Did that come from my mother's phone? CraftiMama has the text messaging??

Yes, it's true. CraftiMama has text messaging. And for those that think her blog comments are funny, then you can only imagine the text that she sends me. I just recently added a text messaging package to my phone. I got the smallest plan they had because I really don't send text to many people so I didn't think I would need any more than the 200 text for $5 plan.

Guess what? CraftiMama didn't get that plan. She has like 10,000 text per month. Can anyone send 10,000 text in one month? I asked her why she got so many and she said that my Dad didn't want to worry about her going over:) Seriously? We really have to worry about CraftiMama sending out too many text in one month?

Well, maybe we do. Just this week I've received many a text message from CraftiMama but this one was my favorite...

We have swine flu in Woodhaven.

It's just like getting text messages from the Centers for Disease Control.

And then another one of my favorite messages was when I sent her a text telling her that I sold my couch on Craigslist. Her reply...

Well, I hope you didn't sell it to that guy that they keep showing on the FOX News.

And then the big drama came when I told the Medium Nanny that Mamaw just got text messaging and one of those phones with a keyboard. Her response...

Are you kidding me? Mamaw has text messaging and a cool phone?

Why yes, why yes she does, and she can send 10,000 text per month. Maybe when you turn 60, you can get you a cool phone too.

So, the question of the day is? Are your texting? Are your parents texting you?

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