Friday, April 25, 2008

Senior Prom, April 19, 2008

My Prom Princess

She didn't plan on going to prom this year, but two weeks ago she called and said I found this really great dress for $20...I'm going to the prom! She loves to get a bargain. She had an appointment to get an updo. She walked into local establishment to ask the price and they said $75. She said no thanks and called to tell me that I was doing her hair. I don't do updos.

With Her Peeps

With Her Mommy

Bein' Sassy

A fun night for the prom princess not a fun night for the mommy that didn't get any sleep because prom princess didn't get to her sleepover location until 2 am.

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Kim said...

Only 20 bucks?! What a steal! She has been raised right!! haha

thanks for visiting me!!

jamn bell said...

One word: Beautiful!

NC said...

I love the dress and the price even more! Good job on the hair too! :)

Teresa said...

She is so pretty and smart and grown-up. I've just about had it with her.