Monday, April 21, 2008

College Road Trip

Sorry, no Messy Monday project for today. I know it will take a while for you to get over the disappointment. I'll try to come up with something extra special for next week. If you need a project you can head on over to BooMama and check out her furniture rearranging and then go change one of your rooms around. Please tell me you're the kind of people that change furniture around...please tell me it's true. I always loved it when I came home from school and my mom had changed the furniture around. I find people around here don't change their furniture around very often. Do you?

Anyhoo, the Medium Nanny and I went on a college road trip today. I'm too tired and overwhelmed by all of the information that I received today to clean anything.

This is where we went...

I think I may even have some blog readers that are TTU alumni. Anyone want to give a shout out and tell me your favorite thing about tech?

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jamn bell said...

How can you tell when someone is low on cash but wants something new in the house? Why, rearrange the furniture, of course! I always do it!

coolshellyt said...

Our furniture is in a constant state of flux. Sometimes my husband goes to sit down and there is no chair. cracks me up.

Ashley said...

Bobby and Sonja and Brad and Ashley both are TTU alumni (I know you know that KJ and TJ are)