Thursday, June 19, 2008


You can click over here
to read the details and tell them congrats.
Won't it be fun for her to have lots of comments when she gets home.
So I went to the hospital to see this new little guy.
And I said to his mom, "I know this is your baby and all but I came all the way up here to see you and I will need to put a picture of us on my blog."
This is Big Nanny's House after all.
And she let me. She's good like that.
Sometimes the best things in life are surprises:)

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Melissa Lee said...

Isn't he precious? I have been thinking of her so much. I'm glad he's finally here.

By the look so natural with that baby in your hands. You ought to think about a career in baby-handling. Like maybe working at a preschool, or children's home, or church. Oh, wait. Lord no, don't do a church. They don't pay anything and you miss hearing your favorite soloists sing on Sunday mornings.

Don't worry - I'll think of something for you.

Teresa Wood

NC said...

Thank you Big Nanny for coming to see Jonas and for showing him off on your very popular blog! :) He feels very special!

Teresa said...

I personally think it's a bad idea for you to work with small children. You look all sweet and kind in this picture but I happen to know you can be kind of bossy and opinionated. Of course it makes people like me love you (being like-minded) but little kids? Not so much.

Melissa Lee