Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hip-Hop We Don't Stop...

Well, it's been a very busy week over here at Big Nanny's House. I will give you a picture review.

A week or so ago, we had a TSC Play day at Evans Park. This is EK. She sometimes gets me mixed up with her mom. She will come up to me and pat my leg and she thinks that she's standing next to her mom until she spots her mom across the room. EK likes playing at the park, non dairy snack products and climbing. It was a fun day in the sun with lots of blog talk. I'm going to make a TSC Mommy Blog roll over on the side. If you are a TSC mommy blogger and you want me to list you, LEAVE A COMMENT or send me an email.

Last Friday, the Lil'Nanny returned home from camp. This is her all up in her wood bunk bed. She got to sleep on the top bunk. Yes, they got rid of those creaky metal beds. Now that the beds are better, doesn't it make you want to go back there for another women's retreat.
She had a great time and came home all in one piece without any sunburn and only a couple bug bites. She was quite chatty when she got home. Her favorite thing was: FREE TIME! Wow, that's great to know because I can give her FREE TIME all day long at home.

After we picked up our happy camper, we headed on over to Logan's to celebrate the Medium Nanny's 18th Birthday. Steaks and a cookie for dinner. That's how we roll.

Last weekend was spent cleaning the house, washing a mountain of stinky camp clothes and some pool time.

Moving along to this week...

I'm gearing up for Vacation Bible School. When I think of VBS, I think of this word:
ox·y·mo·ron n.
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

I don't know how the word vacation ever got mixed up with Bible school.

We have had a little pool time this week too. We scored this new intertube on sale at the Superb Target. This is my friend, Pregnant Nicole. Pregnant Nicole will retrieve your child's pool toys if your child is afraid to ask for them back. She's good like that. And yes, Pregnant Nicole is still pregnant.

Moving along to Thursday. The Lil'Nanny and I got to go to Nashville Shores Water Park with our church. The Lil'Nanny learned all of her Bible drill verses and this was the prize. We had a great time riding water slides. I got to drive a 15 passenger church van full of children that do not belong to me. I'm not even going to tell you how much this stressed me out.

This is my friend, TJ and her two oldest boys. She got to go too. I probably shouldn't tell you how I failed to save her a seat on the van I was driving and she had to ride in the very back of the other van with a bunch of boys. Good times.

After we returned home from Nashville Shores we had to get ready quick and go to the Lil'Nanny's Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal. There were lots of ballerinas, hip-hoppers and tappers. Oh my! My friend, Teresa was there and she provided me with a consistent source of commentary and a minute by minute of what I needed to know to get through Recital 08 or what I will now refer to as the Last Dance. Yes, this will be the Last Dance for the Lil'Nanny. She was so over this dance class by March 08, but I made her finish the course. She was in the jazz/hip-hop class. Big Nanny Tip: Never schedule your child's dance class on Wednesday afternoon if you normally attend church on that night.

On Friday night I painted up my 10 year old daughter's face with make-up. Even mascara. Apparently this is how it's done in the world of dance. Tammy Faye would be so proud. Here she is...

I took Lil'Nanny backstage to the dancer's dressing room. I was almost blinded by all the sequins. We were able to find a friend...

Little Ocho and Lil'Nanny

I found Lawnmower Man and we headed to our seats. As luck would have it, we were able to find seats right behind the Woods and Little Ocho's Entourage. Because their entourage needed one more seat, Teresa was sent back to sit with me and Lawnmower Man. Basically her family kicked her out so that Handiman's brother could have his rightful place in the family row. Here we are...

Honestly, I was really hoping that they would send RubyDooby to sit next to me. I was hungry and there was a really good chance that she had a can of Vienna sausages in her purse.

So it was time for the show and Lawnmower Man asked the all important question of the night...

How many dances are we going to watch? Answer: 31 (Insert Teresa and Big Nanny giggling here.)

The show was very entertaining. It was fun to watch all of the girls perform and I knew so many. Many were my former KOTK students and girls from church. Lil'Nanny's first dance (#6) was See You Again. This is a Hannah Montana song. Lil'Nanny had to concentrate hard on her steps because she had not been to dance class in almost a month due to illness, ballgames, camp, etc. She made it through and we can all breathe a little easier knowing that she doesn't dance like me. They didn't exactly get to finish the dance because the curtain closed right when they were going to the side and coming back on stage to do the big finish. So much for the big finish. Teresa suggested that I should turn into a stage mother and demand that her class get to do their dance over. Are you kidding me???? I was so hungry. Her second dance was the High School Musical song, All For One (#28.)

I would just like to give a big shout out to the wonderful stage mother Heather. I went back stage during the intermission to check on Lil'Nanny and she reported to me that she was STARVING! (Yeah, me too!) Anyhoo, I quickly spotted Heather with a group of petite ballerinas and of course, being the awesome, resourceful and prepared mother that she is...she had snacks! And was glad to give the Lil'Nanny a rice krispy treat. Thanks Heather!

On the way home we let Lil'Nanny pick where she wanted eat and she chose Krystals. I'm quite sure that most people who attend the ballet always pick up a bag of Krystal chiks and some chili cheese pups on the way home. We're so cultured.

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NC said...

You know I am happy to provide my services at any time. However, thank you for not taking a close up! I mean really! No one needs to see that!

Me said...

This post made me smile and laugh at so many points. I like you so much Big Nanny, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you posted my fat baby's cute face or that you complimented my snack resourcefulness. (even though my love language is words of affirmation) You're just good people!

I hope so much that TJ breaks her no-blog-reading commitment (and that I'm close by when she tells you about it) because she just told me the funny story of how she was stuck in the van with all of the kids on the tire hub while failing to get your attention out the van window.

Erin said...

Looks like you survived Nashville shores! Oh, and Andrea's cookie cake looks sooooo good! You should've had some of that in your purse at the recital.

Anonymous said...

I have had a "blog fast" for someitme but was encouraged to check out some cute recital pictures and a couple of referneces to me. Let's just say I am still trying to embrace my invitation to ride in the back of the boy van. I am sure there will be a day soon when my boys will not find me cool enough to sit by them or even in the same van, much less on the backrow. However, I am still slightly scarred by how fast Big Nanny moved on to better things and people in her own van! There was no notice of me waving to her or trying to avoid gaseous fumes from the boy van. I did have to institute a no gas rule and no"flicking"...actually I think the youth intern said "no flicking" first. ;) Love you, Big Nanny!

P.S. Glad I wore the church suit, but I better not make the big screen!;)