Monday, June 09, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

It's June and we all know what that's the month for weddings. I would like to share with you three of the best hours of TV that I recently watched. Let me just start by saying that I don't really watch a lot of TV. And Melissa, I'm not one of those people that uses the phrase, "I don't have time to watch TV." I'm one of those people that thinks that if you don't watch the show from the very beginning then you can't catch up with it. For example, I didn't get in on the first episode of the show, Lost, so I'm lost and I don't think it's possible to be found even if I go rent the DVDs. Really, I just think that show is probably over-my-head. And maybe a little freaky, too.

Anyhoo, I will tell you about these shows and encourage you to watch them the next time The Learning Channel airs them. All of these shows have one thing in common: Competition. And let's just say I enjoy a little friendly competition every now and again.

Made of Honor
One bride-to-be faces a dilemma that every bride must make - who will she choose as her maid of honor? With five best friends, our bride turns this hard decision into a fun competition where her bridesmaids compete to become her Maid of Honor.

One of the competitions was decorating a wedding a cake and then the bride would choose her favorite. Okay, this would be like the most fun ever. My friends would take this very seriously. And not because any of them would be dying to get to be my maid of honor and offer me love and support on my big day. It would be about bragging rights, who made the best cake and rubbing it in for the next five years. True friendship=fun times. Clean Freak and Hostess would be in the final face off. No doubt about it.

Running of the Brides
Get ready for the sale of a lifetime: Filene's Basement famous Annual Wedding Gown Event. Three brides and their friends and family will battle their way through a sea of white to find the dress of their dreams--for the most important day of their lives.

This would be a dream. I love a good sale and even more, I love searching for treasures. Finding that just so special something and then the high you get when you know it's the one special something that you just have to have and then getting a steal of a deal. We're talking $2500 wedding dresses for $400. The object of the game is to recruit the right people for your team. One of the most important elements of the team is to have some form of clothing or hat to identify your teammates in a crowd. Matching t-shirts, got that, check. The next important element is to make sure your teammates know their job. Are you a grabber (this person grabs tons of dresses off the racks), a negotiator (takes dresses you don''t like and swaps them with other negotiators), a blocker (protects dresses from the opposing teams grabbers), or opinionator ( helps you choose the right dress.) Check! I've got all of these people! If any random person out there is planning to go on this show, I'm here to tell you that you need me on your team! Email me.

Rock the Reception
New series that follows engaged couples as they plan an elaborate first wedding dance. World-class choreographers will work with bride, groom and bridal party to create an outrageous first dance that will knock the socks off their wedding guests.

If you need an example of this type of dance, look here. I'm here to tell you that I need a world class choreographer. I could make this person regret the day they chose their profession. Did you can take dance lessons at All that Dance in SH. Yes, this is the place where little girls take dance. But if your friends go in there and tell the owners that they have a friend that can't even sway on beat, they will take your money and start a course called Hip Hop Lessons for Dummies. Back to the show... These choreographers were awesome and they got to work with three couples. Couple #1- Late thirties black couple who could get their groove on. They were awesome. Couple #2- Sweet young couple that had danced at many a high school prom together. They were good, young and pretty. Couple #3-The exact opposite of #1 and #2. The bride had a background in theatre so she had no trouble and this was her big idea. The groom was my dancing soul mate. Bless his heart. But that's the point of the story...he danced from his heart and that made all the difference. He worked so hard for his bride and when it was time for the big performance, he was able to get his freak on, bustamove and get jiggy with it.

I believe these shows will air again around June 18th. If you know any brides that are looking for a maid of honor, wedding dress shopper or would like Hip Hop Lessons for Dummies then I'm your girl. Email me here.

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CEU said...

You really have lost it. I think you and Brian need to renew your vows, so you can hold that competition. I am LOL with the vision of TD, TJ, TW (many T's!), RE decorating a wedding cake... I've seen some of their dishes. You've got some serious contenders there!