Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost Famous???

Okay, I was sent this picture in an email today.

Do you know the grown up in the picture?

I didn't?

Apparently, he's famous.

Do you know who he is?

If you know who he is, leave me a comment that says: I know.

Do not type the person's name in the comments. Email here.

If you don't know who it is, leave me a comment that says: Clueless.

This is just an informal survey.

When I admitted my cluelessness to the email sender, her reply was:

Big Nanny, you don't know___________ when you see him? I spotted him from down the street.

Clueless. Call me clueless.

The first person to email me the correct answer will win a free Chik-fil-a Kids Meal Coupon:)

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Sonja said...

I know.....maybe. kinda. well, I'm not sure, but I have a guess. Probably a wrong guess, but a guess none-the-less.

Sumer said...

clueless, which is sad because I saw that coupon in your car on Sunday and I wanted it!

Me said...

Got it, now send me the coupon. I have babies to feed!


Erin said...

Ok, I totally know. One time I saw him back when Matt worked at EMI, and I said, "Oh my gosh, there's _____!" Matt said out of the corner of his mouth "Play it cool, play it cool!"
So HW just walked up and asked him to hold her baby?!

Teresa said...


Melissa Lee said...

Big Nanny!

Heather Wagoner said...

Yes... shameless HW texted her brother and told her he was down the street from her having lunch at the same place (we were sitting outside at mellow mushroom) and he said i was lying and challenged me to prove it. This was the least nerdy way I could think to do so.

Mr. Famous said he felt like the president (you know how presidents kiss babies..) :) It was one of the highlights of my summer.

Heather Wagoner said...

by the way... i've been peeking in on these mommy-blogs of yours and i may have to join you all very soon. too much fun!

The Rivers Family said...

I know - although I see others that do too so I am just letting you know that I know!