Friday, October 10, 2008

We had a grand ole time

The Medium Nanny came home last weekend, and she had a little assignment to do while she was here. She needed to attend a concert and then write an English paper about it, so she found a free jazz concert that was being offered at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. She also needed someone to go with, so I accepted the "I don't really have anyone to go with, so I'll guess I'll take you" invite. I'm not a big fan of the jazz music, but that's okay, because it turns out good for me.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I think of concert, a concert hall appears in my mind with seats that pop up when you stand up. That's what I was thinking. I may not like the music, but I could relax in my nice, comfortable seat.

The picture above is the hallway between the art gallery and the gift shop. Yes, this is where the concert was held. Little round tables with chairs. Oh, you might think this is cute and quaint. Maybe it would be if there had been more than three people in the listening audience. It was not cute or was awkward. Insert exit strategy here. Okay, there wasn't really an exit strategy, we just got up and left.

Now, I have to be honest and tell you that I really don't have an appreciation for fine art. The Medium Nanny and I walked through the art gallery where they were showcasing the sculptures of Rodin. Lots of sculptures of necked bodies. However, on the way out of the Frist, I did see this piece of art and I liked it. I liked it because I actually own one of those lipsticks. I guess I do have an appreciation for art after all.

We also stopped by this piece of art and had our picture made. It wasn't until after we had the picture made that we noticed the sign that read: please do not stand on platform or touch sculpture. I think they should have made the sign a little bigger.

This cool bus was parked in the Frist Center parking lot and I felt the need for a picture. I'm quite sure that people will look at it and think that I went to the debate. We did stand around it for a while hoping that someone would want to interview us about the election, but that's when I remembered that the liberal media prefers not to air the opinions of gun toting, baby loving, Bible carrying republicans. So, we moved on.

We looked for another concert by grabbing a Nashville Scene newspaper. We found another venue across town...a little something they call the Grand Ole Opry. Now, I have to say one thing about Nashvillians that might get me in a bit of one in Nashville cares about the Opry. Seriously, in all my years of living round these here parts, I never hear anyone talk about going to the Opry. Now, don't get me wrong, I do know people that like country music, I just don't know anyone that goes to the Opry. (Although, one of my BFF's (initials are TJ)would be quick to point out, right here at this spot, that she used to clog on Hee Haw.) Anyhoo, I'm just surprised that no one goes to the Opry. It was an all star line up...

Sara Evans-love her. Those back up singers are her sisters. I love a girl that brings her sisters along for the fun. She sang a song called Low from the new Billy Graham movie that was just released. You can hear the song here. I didn't even know there was a Billy Graham movie coming out.

Josh Turner-he sang several songs. He sang a song called the Long Black Train. You can watch his opry performance here.

We had a great night and if you are wondering if the Medium Nanny likes country music that would be a YES. I used to drive her every morning to preschool in Franklin, I would always listen to WSIX every morning and many days were spent listening to No One Else On Earth by Wynonna. She gave up country music for a good while and then one year I sent her to youth camp and she came back a fan of CMT: Country Music Television, I still haven't figured that one out yet. She's been listening ever since. I don't really listen to country music at all anymore, but I always seem to know most of the popular country songs, I'm not sure why. Here is Wynonna singing at the Opry...


I hope she gets an A on her English paper because this "free" jazz concert that she found online ended up costing me $72. Yes, that's how much it cost for two tickets in the cheap seats at the Grand Ole Opry, but that's okay, because, there was no one else on earth I would have rather been with at the Grand Ole Opry.

Have you been to the Grand Ole Opry?

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Ashley said...

My guess is you would have paid a lot more for that sweet time together. Glad you had a girls day!!

NC said...

I can say I have never been to the Opry and I have never had anyone ask me to go. Oh wait, the MIL asks every time she comes. I think I'll stop now.

Teresa said...

I went as a tourist a few years before moving here. I think the headliner that evening was Connie Smith. So, you obviously had better luck with the line-up than I did.

Lisa said...

I think I went when I was 8. I'm sure I was annoyed that I had to sit still and had to appreciation for it. I love S Evans too! I wish I could sing like that or at least be one of her sisters.

Crazy Life of the McNeill's said...
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Crazy Life of the McNeill's said...

I have to admit that I have been 4 or 5 times. We always end up with having a reason to go (friends in town from Texas, free pair of tickets, at the Ryman, Tim McGraw).

Griffith Family of Texas said...

We went about 5 years ago when we were traveling through from NC back home to TX. Loved it. Even my child sat still. Just loved the element of history and the fact that I can say we've been there. I love Nashville, actually. We are "married" to the Queen of Pink with my husband's job, but otherwise we would call Nashville home in a heart beat!!

Me said...

YES! We went for a Norah Jones concert several years ago. Love me some Norah.

Tammy said...

Never been there myself, but I can say I sure would like to come up for the Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman concert Valentine's weekend '09.

The concert was awesome in B'ham last night and I imagine it would be quite fab at the Opry.