Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet the Press

Yes, I've been off the blog. I spent one day of my fall break shopping with the Lil'Nanny so she could spend her birthday money, followed by some awesome relaxation, which included, one full day in my was glorious!

Anyhoo, I really didn't want to bring you anymore political coverage but it just so happens, that people have heard about my blog and are seeking my opinions for up to the minute, fair and balanced, political spin. Yes, I'm not kidding you!
It all started yesterday, when I heard that the lines were short at the TS Community Center. I met my friend, AC, so that we could exercise our right to vote or what I now will always refer to as...

BIG NANNY MEETS THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(keep reading)

First, I will do a little review with you about what you should and should not do when you go to vote...

AC & her niece, M.E.

You should always bring a youngin' with you, teach'em young about proper political party affiliation. It seemed like it was only yesterday when I was standing in line next to my Dad (Wingtips), while he voted for President Reagan.

Just a should not wear political paraphernalia inside the voting place. That's why I'm wearing a black fleece jacket when it was 70+ degrees outside. Yes, Heather, I broke a rule. I know you're so disappointed in me.

Here I am, casting my vote. And yes, you should check it over, twice or twenty times, just to make sure it's right. Then I touched the big, green button that said: CONFIRM!

So, after we confirmed our votes, we walked out of the community center to find a Tennessean reporter. We were met with a few questions about the election, our pictures were taken for the newspaper and we were on our way.

Now, I'm going to send you to a link of where I might possibly be quoted ...

Or not be quoted.

You see, when you mention the words Bible and economy in one sentence, editors push delete on their fancy laptop computers. And, they really needed to tell you the real news...that Alan Jackson voted.

Here is one of the questions that we were asked...

Why do you think that Williamson County voters usually lean more towards the republican party? (it wasn't exactly worded like that but something like that)

I answered with a good newspaper answer like: WC voters are family oriented and hold traditional values, yadayadayada. But the answer that was rolling around in my head was...

WC has a lot of rich people and they want to keep their money!

I didn't say that, but I was thinking it. And if I had, I probably wouldn't have been deleted off of that fancy laptop.

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