Thursday, October 30, 2008

If You Give a Hamster a Hotdog

The Lil'Nanny wrote this at school today. It's similar to the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book series. These were always my favorite books to read to my kids. You can look at them here. What is most intriguing about this writing is the fact that the hamster likes hotdogs???

If you give a hamster a hotdog, it'll want some ketchup to go with it.

While opening the ketchup, he will make a huge mess.

He will feel sticky and want to take a shower.

He will be cold and want a towel.

Now that he is all clean, he will want to watch a horror movie.

When he is watching the horror movie, he sees blood and it reminds him of the ketchup.

And chances are...if you give a hamster some ketchup, it'll want a hotdog to go with it.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a published work to me!!

Wags said...


Way to go Lil Nanny! :)

NC said...

That is too cute! Very creative!

Griffith Family said...

Very cute. I've seen something about "if you give a mom coffee". They are my favorites too. The shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them! Early voted the same day you did and I agree with you- I'm a Palin Chick too!

I enjoy your blogging!