Friday, October 03, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Moving...redneck style.

Who needs a truck when you can just load up cribs and push them across the church parking lot. Classy, I know. Speaking of cribs...I have several cribs just like the ones above for sale. No, I don't get to pocket the money and go hire myself a cleaning lady. Although, a cleaning lady would be a great idea because I haven't been home much over the last three weeks and the dust is quite thick. Anyhoo, the money would go into the preschool ministry new toy fund. So, if you need a crib or a changing table, I'm your girl. Cribs are $50 and changing tables are $20. Great for grandmother/grandma/mamaw/nana/miemi's house.
You get the idea.

By the way, what do you call your grandmother???? Leave me a comment.

Email here for more details about the cribs.

Happy Friday!

Update on my last post: Because I believe in journalistic integrity, I would like for you to know that I received an email from my pastor stating that he could now die and go to heaven because he had been featured on the Big Nanny blog. He also wanted me to know that he moved three shelves not one. I know that you all want to link to my blog so that all of the blog world will know that HE MOVED THREE SHELVES. Yes, three shelves. I just want to be fair and balanced here.

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Me said...

Well, MY grandmother's were Mamaw and is Grandmama.

My kids grandmothers are Grammy and Gran.

Grandma names are so much more chic these days.

Jessica said...

Bubby--means grandmother in Bohemian, unless that's something my mother made up to pacify me and the other is called Gammy.

The kids call the moms "Memaw" and Nanny.

I hoped to be called something sassy someday!

Tammy said...

Well, I'm all for fair and balanced.

I have been blessed with 3 grandmother's during my lifetime.
Two I called Grandmother and my Greek grandmother (who turns 93 this week) is called Yaya (sounds like

This is what my kids call my mother and what I want my grandchildren to call me ----YEARS from now, of course.

new mom in law said...

My kids call my mom Nanny. I am Nonny to my grandaughter!

Petts Allowed said...

my grandmother was Nanna ( I only had one alive), My mom is also Nanna, my m-i-l is MomMom to my kids, but grandmom to the others. Kathi ps- sorry no need for a crib or changing table!!!

Tonya Lee said...

I called my grandmother grandmother because she drilled it into my head and wouldn't allow me to call her anything else! My other one is Mawmaw though there is some confusion over the spelling (some spell it Mama- but I'm right with the w usage,of course). When I was born I had 2 grandmothers, 4 great-grandmothers, and 1 great-great grandmother!!!

Kari said...

I called my grandmothers Granny and Grandmother. I had four great-grandmothers that were alive for a long time when I was a child. They were Mamaw Watson, Mamaw Fawnie, Nannie, and Mamaw Tullock.

My kids' grandmothers are Nannie and Granny. The Geek's mom wanted to be cool and go by GiGi, but he drilled Granny into Hannah's head instead just to spite her I think.

Wags said...

I call my grandmothers Mamaw and Grandma... Reese calls my mom Mia and Reagan's mom Nana.

Leighann said...

Mammer is the absolute BEST name for a grandma. Grandmother is for the more educated and distinguished! We're blessed to have one of each in our family!

Alicia (dna) said...

Grandma(pretty boring, I know) was the name for my grandmothers.

Regular Nanny is my mom and Florida Nanny is Derek's mom or as Elizabeth calls her "Far Away Nanny".

Derek's grandmother is Granny. She just turned 91!

Griffith Family of Texas said...

My Mom is Mamaw to my children and my MIL is Grandma to them. Southern and northern. Grace has declared that she'll be a Mamaw to her children, of course.

Have you tried for the cribs?