Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what. a. week.

Worn out. That's what I am. I had a lot going on with work last week and with taking the Medium Nanny to university. I think that's what I'm going to call It sounds all fancy, like we've got money and we've sent our daughter Anyhoo, I'm just too tired for a long marathon blog like I normally would post. I'm going to try and post small tidbits that have happened around here over the last week.

So here's the first...

Thursday 12:45 p.m., Lawnmower Man loaded the final box, hugged his daughter good-bye and looked at me and said, "did she pack her Bible?" I guess he thought she was going to seminary or the "parent talk" they gave him at TTU about "things" that happen on a college campus have him concerned.

Don't worry, she took her Bible and she's been hanging out the BCM (that's Baptist Campus Ministries to those who don't speak southern baptist.) She went to this church on Sunday. This church serves a meal to the college kids after the morning service every week. Lawnmower Man said this would be his choice. He'd pick that church. Hands down. That church is the winner.

Some people are so desperate for a home cooked meal. Who cares if you like the church...THEY HAVE FOOD!

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KellyRose said...

Yeah for Steven's Street! On the Sunday's I wasn't being a hethen college student, this is where I went. :) I am glad she is already finding a good group of people to "hang" with.

Petts Allowed said...

The 1st thing that crossed my mind was "Universty,whats that about???"Then I read your next line...cracks me up! Good for her to get connected already. kathi