Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oceans Apart

Today I'm feeling kind of anxious about the trip.  I guess as we get closer to our day of departure, it all becomes a little more of a reality and less like a big crazy plan that God sparked in our hearts this last August.  I'm great with a plan, a vision, a list, etc. but eventually you have to put your plan into action, take your list to the store, share the vision with your people...all of this requires movement

God does not want us to just sit and talk about our plans for a sweet forever.  He does want us to have a vision and a plan because where there is no vision the people perish.  (It says that somewhere in Proverbs and if I were really spiritual, I would go find the text, but I'm not, so look it up yourself.) but now it's time to pack up and get going or to quote a favorite movie from the preschool crowd...it's time to move it, move it. 

So I'm starting to move it...

I have a suitcase packed with too many clothes, hand sanitizer and shoes.  And I've got crayons, oh my word have I got crayons...THANKS FOR THE CRAYONS!
I have a list of all the things that I need to remember to take like my passport and yellow fever card.  (Please note before you travel internationally, it is impossible not to have dreams nightmares where you leave your passport at your house.)
I've taken every live virus that medical experts say is needed.
First malaria pill will be taken today.
I've got fun friends to travel with.

But the greatest movement is happening in my heart...

A heart that is being prepared to love on the least of these and know that I don't have the answer to solve the problems in their world.  I like to fix broken things, and I have resolved that I can't fix Africa in 10 days:)  I'm just to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a few days.
A heart that is being prepared to be oceans apart from my family. 
A heart that is being prepared to give up my plan for His plan...for my thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not my ways, saith the Lord....again, you'll have to look that up somewhere in Isaiah.

Those who know me well, know that my brand of anxious is different.  My anxious looks like this...

Is it time to go yet?
Can we get this show on the road?
I may or may not sometimes sit out on the porch waiting for someone to pick me up.
I also have been known to call someone and say could you come get me right now because I'm tired of waiting for you to come pick me up.

That's how I roll.  So tomorrow is the big day and don't call the authorities if you see someone sitting in their driveway at 5 a.m. in a snuggie blanket.  I'm just sitting there waiting for the Harry King carpool van to pick me up and take me to the airport.  We originally all planned for our husbands to take us but with all the airline drama from the last few days, we now have to be at the airport extra early so we decided it would be best for our kids not to have to get up at 5 a.m.:)  So Alicia's sweet dad is going to pick us all up at 5:30 a.m. 

The planning has been fun but it's time to get the show on the road.

See ya in Africa!  Yes, there might be some blog updates along the way.  We'll see.

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Nicole @ Four Real said...

Didn't get to hug you last night. Have an AMAZING trip and I can not even wait to hear all about it. I will be praying for you constantly. How blessed are those precious kids to be able to spend some time with Big Nanny! :) Love you! Oh, and I KNOW you will be sitting on that porch. What a shock! :)

Me said...

Praying for you girls everyday. Sneak in a few extra squeezes from me on some sweet babies.


Jenny said...

I am so excited for your whole team. The one thing I have learned from internation mission trips is this: God is in ALL of it...even those events that seem like they are a mistake. Keep your eyes open for Him and don't miss any extra opportunities He may give you. I wish I were there to squeeze on some of those babies myself. May you never be the same!!!

Erin said...
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Teresa said...

I'll probably email you later with all I want and need to say, but right here let me just say I am so proud to call you my friend and I can't wait to see how God works in and through you on this trip. And I can't wait to hear all the stories about stuff you had to eat.

And I hope you get to kill a chicken. : )

Ashley said...

GO BIG NANNY GO!!!! And return forever changed. I am so excited for you all! I will be praying!

I hope you can blog. I look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking your blog! You are already being prayed for, along with Alicia and Sumer. You all have a blast serving the Lord! You and Sumer enjoy that chicken - truly organic. ;) i just cannot wait to hear about your Africa adventures!


Anonymous said...

Be still. Peace be with you. Much love, Doyle and Rachel.

Mamaw said...

You did'nt have to make me cry and use a Karen Kingsbury title too.Please pray for the mama too .

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!