Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bob Ross ain't got nothin' on me

Last week I had the pleasure of going out for a night on the town with some of my favorite people.  It was time for the annual Kids on the Korner teacher party.  Kids on the Korner is the preschool program at our church.  For many years, I was the director of this program, and I started the tradition of planning a Christmas party for them and everything was always a surprise.  The restaurant, the entertainment, etc. is always planned by the director and they spend the entire month before trying to figure out where we are going.  It's always loads of fun.  Except, I'm not the director anymore, and I'm not in on the secret.  I now just join in on the surprise.

We started out with a great dinner at Carraba's Restaurant and a not too competitive game of dirty santa.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new, the chicken marsala and garlic mashed potatoes.  I think my taste buds are maturing because I actually liked it.  Then we were off to the main event...

Here is the description for Sips & Strokes - bring your favorite beverage and paint a picture along with one of our instructors as they show you step by step how to paint a beautiful masterpiece that you will take home at the end of the evening. 

I will now unveil my "beautiful masterpiece"...

Don't be jealous!  You too can sign up with your friends and create your very own beautiful masterpiece. 
We were in a class with a large group of people; so after we were finished, I decided to go take a look at the pictures of those who were a sippin'. I thought that maybe the sippin' loosened them up a bit but after checking out their "beautiful masterpieces" something tells me that the Goodwill store is having a huge liquidation sale on floral paintings.  Please know that my favorite beverage is Diet Coke, so my hand was quite steady and it still turned out like this.

By the way, the instructor said that it would look better in the morning.  Lawnmower Man says it looks better at night.

P.S.  If you are too young to know who Bob Ross is click here.

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Ashley said...

As Bob would say "They are happy little flowers"... if they were only by a happy little "woosh" stream.

Me said...

Is that a little phthalo blue I spy?


Sonja said...

I know Bob Ross as "the painting guy with the hair"..... isn't it funny how you'd get sucked into watching him??? And, Ashley's comment gave me a good giggle- she's right on the money!

Melissa Lee said...

I used to find Bob Ross on the TV just so I could turn him on and take a nap. In fact, just looking at him makes me want to crawl into bed.

Uughhhhh. Nothing that I wrote n the above paragraph sounds right.