Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Lil'Nanny had a part in the 1st-6th grade choir program last week. The musical was called Lifesong and featured the music of Casting Crowns. She played the part of a sassy, competitive girl named Abby. She had to audition for the part and it was her first speaking part. She was extremely nervous the day of the program. When we left the program that night, she said she was so nervous before the program that she thought she was going to throw up. She did a great job!

Here she is during the performance being sassy.

Here she is being dramatic.

And a big thanks to Ms. Ashley & Ms. Melissa. They do a great job coordinating this huge event and have spent almost every Sunday afternoon for the last two months working with the kids on their parts. The Lil'Nanny thinks that Ms. Melissa is one of the coolest/funnest people ever. I'm sure one day she'll be sitting beside her at Talledegga:)

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Ashley said...

I was very proud of Lil' Nanny! She looked so confident and at ease. I even told several people around me how proud I was of her. SHE DID AWESOME! You would never have known she was nervous...

Nicole @ Four Real said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to post about your daughters great accomplishment! She did awesome and didn't even talk fast! And I am there with ya, Selah thinks Melissa is the best too!

Pamela Johnson said...

where did she get that flair for the dramatic, for the sassyness??

Melissa Workman said...

They only think that I'm awesome because I can belt out Livin' on a Prayer at any moment on the microphone! Lil'Nanny did a fantastic job! I am so proud of her and Selah, too!!! I love them bunches and bunches!!!