Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Just Another Messy Monday

Smells like teen college spirit around here. A Saturday or so ago, Lawnmower Man headed over to Cookeville to retrieve most of the Medium Nanny's dorm room belongings. AKA: Lots of unnecessary junk cluttering up my house.

You can see that we chose to place all of her belongings in her room in a very organized fashion. We didn't know what to do with this microwave so we just chose to carefully place it on her bed. I think the editors of Southern Living call that a focal point.

I chose to shut the door and walk away. Not my stuff, not my problem. But you know how it is when you try to sweep stuff under the rug and try not to deal with it...the stuff gets bigger. The stuff got bigger this past Wednesday night when the Medium Nanny actually came home and she had more stuff.

Said stuff was oozing out into the hallway. The door would no longer shut. This is the Lil'Nanny eating a snack and accessing the situation. She is so helpful. I take that back, now that I look at the picture she is just eating a snack. She's a most excellent snacker.

So when I got home from work on Thursday the Medium Nanny was a little overwhelmed with the stuff. So we got to work on the organizing. We worked for three long hours. We were able to fit most of the college stuff in her closet in a neat and very organized fashion. But we first had to do some editing. (aka: 3 bags of Goodwill & 3 bags of trash) Normally at this time I would show you an after picture. But I have to tell you that today's Messy Monday post is what I like to call a "reality" segment on the Big Nanny blog and as long as the Medium Nanny is home...there will be no after picture.

But that's okay. When your firstborn child has been gone for almost nine months and returns to your home still in one piece...that's the only after picture that you really need.

Happy Monday!

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Robyn said...

I was hoping for the after pic to get inspired! I still say you should bring back Messy Monday/Terrific Tuesday. Love that green Vera bag!