Friday, May 15, 2009

C is for cookie...that's good enough for me

You remember last year when I wrote about my responsible baker and how the Lil'Nanny would be taking over her slave baking responsibilities. Well, it hasn't exactly been working out for us because the Lil'Nanny doesn't take it too seriously. I can only hope that as she matures that she will realize that I'm a much nicer Momma when some one's feeding me chocolate.

Anyhoo, since the Medium Nanny rolled into town, I've been eatin' good in the neighborhood. Last week she made brownies and this week it was brownie cookies. She made that apron she's wearing,'s got little teacups on it. She made me one too, it's a full front apron out of the same material. It looks really cute hanging in my kitchen. I should have a picture of me wearing it, but, well, I've never actually used it. But it looks cute!

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Me said...

cookies, brownies, meals, an apron? Brian is a good teacher! :)

Alli said...

Man, I hope I have a baker like that some day. Well... minus the TN shirt. Ugh! Roll Tide! Glad you are getting your choc fix :)

Karen said...

I wish I were a little less like Lil'Nanny and a little more like Medium Nanny. Can you mature into that role after the age of 40?

Mamaw said...

I'll be expecting cookies and my apron when i get there please love you