Sunday, December 07, 2008

Skatin' with the Blog Stars

This is what we did the day after ThanksChristmas.
Looks like fun, huh?
Don't you like CraftiMama and her ice skating "walker"?
I had only been ice skating once before, and I wasn't aware of this contraption.
CraftiMama was glad to have it. She was able to skate around the circle twice with it.

The Lil'Nanny had been bugging me all week to take her ice skating. She had never been before. She's the athletic one in our family and in true Lil'Nanny fashion...

Her first time on skates.
Water skis, roller skates, ice skates, softball, gymnastics...she can do it all.
And now, let's see CraftiMama's skating video...

I think I paid around $8 bucks for her to skate around 2 laps;)
but let's give the 62 year old CraftiMama props for trying.
She'll do anything for her grand youngins. I think maybe she should stick to the crafting. This all made me a little nervous because I was having flashbacks of when I was 7, and she broke her arm at our church's skate night. Fun times.

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Erin said...

Impressive! But...where's YOUR skating video?

Me said...

Lil Nanny looked like she was ramping up for a double toe loop triple sowkow (I feel certain that is spelled differently) at any minute! Very impressive Lil Nan!

And yes, I agree with Erin...we want some Big Nanny skate action. Bring it, sista.

Wags said...

Muy impreseevo for CraftiMama... I'm sure I couldn't get my grandma to set foot inside the rink, let alone skate along with her very own ice-walker. :) Kudos to her!