Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays


Meet my friend fake BFF, Boomama. She's a famous southern blogger and her blog was one of the first that I read on a regular basis. Her blog is hilarious, and I've sent just about everybody I know over to read it. The above picture was taken when she came to my church for the Gloria! concert a couple weeks ago. I'm sure she doesn't think I'm a stalker crazy or anything.

This is the third year that she has hosted the Christmas Tour of Homes. It actually started yesterday but I didn't have time to post. I think I'm #797 on the tour. So here is my home decked out in holiday style...

This is what you will encounter when you walk in the front door. A tray of Christmas balls and a snow globe...real original.

We have a two sided fireplace in the middle of our living room. So I have two mantels to decorate.

Here is mantle #1, the more "formal" side. We rarely sit in this room but it looks nice and neat when someone comes to the door.

Here is the front side of the tree. I use my nicer ornaments on this side of the tree. I always place a big bow at the top of my tree.

Here is my nativity set on top of the piano. Note to my CraftiMama: The Madagascar Lion Happy Meal toy has officially been removed from the nativity scene...I appreciate the special touch that you thought he would add. Of course, she insisted that the wise men be over to the side because they weren't really there when Baby Jesus was born. She wanted my nativity scene to be biblically correct. Do you know that some people don't add Baby Jesus to the nativity scene until Christmas morning? Does anyone do this?

Here is the other side of my tree. I place all the kid ornaments on this side.

Here is the other mantle...the less formal side.

I have to pass through the dining room to get to the kitchen so I keep the table set with dishes so that I'm not tempted to junk up the table with mail, junk, etc. These plates are available at your local Target.

And here is the whole table. CraftiMama is going to say the candle is too small. It is, but I didn't want to pay $20 bucks for the big one that I saw at Target.

I hope you'll join me on this bloggy tour of homes. I would love to see your Christmas decor!

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Jamie Lea said...

Great tour, I think it all looks wonderful. have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

cheryl said...

Love all the warm, rich colors! Very homey! Thanks for the tour. ;o)

Nicole @ Four Real said...

Wow! I am feeling so honored to call you my peep. The house looks great, as usual!

The Masseys said...

The house looks great! I love the formal mantle! Merry Christmas!

Carly said...

I love, love, love a two sided fireplace - how great that you can decorate both sides. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

Merry Christmas,

Mamaw said...

Hey it all looks nice I love how you can do a two sided tree. and I thought the lion added a special touch since he has his paws raised in praise. Should I remove the baby Jesus from my scenery.I really love the ceramic one I saw on a blog where Mary is riding the donkey and Joeseph is leading them
I've always wondered how she made it upon that donkey since she was great with child I guess I ponder too much. Love you

Amber said...

I couldn't remember to add baby Jesus to the nativity on Christmas morning--I'm lucky that only 1 wiseman is missing a hand!

Carol said...

Double sided fireplace? How fun is that! Everything looks wonderful. So glad you joined the tour with us. Boo's the best!

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

Noah's Mommy said...

How cool is your house....I love what you did on your dining room table...

BECKY said...

Your home decorations say "elegant simplicity" to me, and are beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peek inside of your home at Christmastime!
Blessings, Becky

Tiffany said...

Oh lovely! I Lurve :) your mantles! The first one is such a great statement! Have a blessed holdiay and pop over for a visit sometime so I can extend my hospitality to you as well.

Tiffany in Washington...for now

Ashley said...

It looks wonderful... and you never confirmed that BOO was at Gloria... I am glad you got another pic with her.

Tammy said...

BN, it all looks so grand and beautiful. I am dying over the lion being removed from the nativity set.

Your bow looks way better than the one I learned how to make on YouTube!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!