Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Please know that when you send your child to college you have big dreams of them getting a
quality education and changing the world...
Maybe wear some goofy Christmas sweater and make gingerbread houses out of graham
crackers. It looks like I could have saved a few bucks and sent her to Kids on the Korner.

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Nicole @ Four Real said...

did you ever in a million years think that sweatshirt would be worn as much as it has? That was the best thing you ever got!

Me said...

College was the best time of my life and when I became me. I love that she's making silly ol gingerbread houses in her bedazzled Christmas sweatshirt too!

Big Nanny, you're spoiling us with all these posts!!

Tammy said...

That is the best Christmas sweatshirt ev-ah! And I am thinking of doing gingerbread houses with my kids this weekend....or not.

I remember being sick as a dog at the end of every semester in college!