Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sister and Brotherly Love

CraftiMama wanted a picture of her babies.
Tammy Faye, brother-(he needs a blog name), and Big Nanny.
Do y'all think we look alike?
Tammy Faye and I were not trying to match, but we both had the goal of wearing stretchy pants on this day so we could eat alot. We're smart like that.

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Nicole @ Four Real said...

I've never seen your brother! You all are too cute!

Erin said...

Hmm, I see some slight resemblance. What a good looking set of siblings!
You ladies are smart to bust out the stretchy pants for such an occasion. I say God bless maternity wear!

Ashley said...

I do not think I have ever seen the bro either... but yes you know you and Tammy Faye look alike.

Me said...

I think you and brother favor each other quite a bit.

Nice picture!

Anonymous said...

ummmm.... i think we dont look alike your brown im blonde!
and for brother he doesnt look like us but thosse are a pretty set of sisters!!