Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh, she's so sassy!

A good kind of sassy. Not a bratty child kind of sassy. I heart Sarah Palin. I think she is my new fake BFF.

A few observations from tonight's speech:

  • She made a cooking joke. That's my kind of funny.

  • She is wearing heels, pearls and a great jacket. Perfect and appropriate attire for such an event.

  • Nothing says powerful like a gun shootin' woman who is a member of the NRA. This is inspiring. I think I'm going to take a gun safety class and get a permit to carry. Everyone else is packing heat at TSC...why not me?

  • She made an eBay joke too. Good stuff.

  • That 7 year old daughter knows how to work a crowd. She's got her wave and her smile down pat.

  • A joke about hockey moms and lipstick. I know she didn't write her own speech, but she knows how to deliver.

  • Her lipstick color is a good solid neutral. If someone has any connections and can find out the color for me, please let me know. I'm always looking for the perfect color for everyday.

And now I need to address another woman that's been hanging out at the RNC. Cindy McCain. Dear sweet need to tone it down a notch. I can't find a picture of the green number you wore last night but this was what you chose earlier this week... this dress and the one you wore last night screams: John gave me his Dillard's credit card so I could get me some new dresses to wear to the convention. He said make me look good baby so I spent all last Saturday shopping for just the right thing. And when I get to the white house I am so changing that china pattern!

Cindy-let's just tone it down a notch. I have always loved a good bold color, but tonight I have hopes that you'll wear some taupe or maybe a charcoal gray. I'm counting on you to bring it home with something good tonight. Let's just remember the RNC is not the same thing as fashion week in New York.

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Me said...

I cried the first time Sarah Palin announced that she was running. I made Mia come in the room and listen to her.

Shawn and I also agreed that Sarah Palin shares the same short /a/ vowel sound dialect as you.

We kept saying over and over..."scan your tag with the laptop" in honor of you both!

Also, if Tina Fey doesn't play Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, then they have SERIOUSLY missed the boat.

kari said...

Maybe we can go together to the gun safety course, as soon as this baby is born, of course. I'm not sure I could handle the excitement at the moment.

So, do you think it would make people think twice about sending their kids to my classroom if they knew their crawler teacher was packing heat? Hmm...might be bad for business.

Me said...

great speech...a star is born.

She needs to scan her tag into her laptop...


NC said...

You have become quite the "Campaign" fashion spokesperson. I think maybe there is another calling in your future. I totally agree with you. I was shocked you didn't mention her very nicely done "big" hair. She had a perfect poof peeking out from behind. I also cracked up at her daughter. She looks like she will be the first woman President. And her fixing that precious baby's hair!!!!!!! Oh, it melted me! She has my vote!

Sonja said...

Thank you for the homage to Governor Palin. I, too, enjoyed her speech and every little subtle jab that she threw at the left wings. Love, loved it.

Comment on others comments:
Me: I agree with the Tina Fey thing. Said the same thing last night.

NC: That little girl licking her palm and smoothing that hair down was my favorite part of the whole night. Too cute!

CEU said...

I raced right home to read you RNC commentary. Cold chills I tell you. She's Sassy in the Big Nanny sense-just say it. She rocks. You simply have to find video of the little girl (Willow?) licking her hand to fix her brother's hair. Precious! Her children's names leave me a little puzzled. Where's your Laura got the white number in the day before Labor Day?

Anonymous said...

I have entered blog world just for this post, and I had to wait a whole day! I looked for this post last night. I guess you had church or something! I could not wait to hear how much you loved the speech and her! Keith literally thought you called when the phone rang as soon as she was finished. She rocks! I love a strong, smarty-pants woman. I too had tears during the first speech declaring that she was running. Thanks for the heads up, me. I think we are going to have to hit the Carpenters Press for shirts! I love a hometown girl who was not just born into politics!


P.S. I too loved the little one doing the spit style on baby bro. Wonder whre she learned that...hmmm. That will always be my most memorable part! She is precious!

Tammy said...

Ohhhh, I want her to be my new BFF. Perhaps we can share her. I am want her to show me how to properly shoot a gun and "dress" a moose for dinner!

I am not much into fashion, but Sarah rocked and Cindy did not.

And the Palin family is just too cute.

Anonymous said...

love love love her... she is the real thing (also the Canadian-ish accent is super cool)

As for the carry permit - Jason can help you choose the perfect weapon(I hear they make guns in pink nowadays)

Griffith Family of Texas said...

I totally agree. In a few years she'll run for pres and win. Also, the ebay thing wasn't a joke. I think she really did sell the plane on ebay. Very resourceful lady. Love her!

Mamaw said...

Mamaw said...
I think Sarah will give her some pointers later but last night BEN10gave her some. But she didn't mind holding that precious baby in her BIG BUCKS dress.I knew LN could have pulled that off just like the little girl too. I think maybe God gave us Sarah to say ok I'm giving you one more chance to see how precious human life is. yeah you need your pistol to go with the boot camp logo me and mp say jb went to boot camp.Maybe Cindy will get it right tonight we'll see.

September 4, 2008 12:38 PM

Jenny said...

OH YEAH!!! I'm already dreaming of Palin in '12. Go check out the tee shirt posted on my'll love it.