Thursday, September 18, 2008


The act of choosing; selection. The power, right, or liberty to choose; option.

It was just a few short months ago when the Medium Nanny came home from Chili's and informed me that the Awesome Blossom had been removed from the menu. Insert fit throwing here and lots of but why????? how could this happen??? what ever will we do???

She said that they removed it from the menu because it was not healthy. Obviously, they have some new rocket scientist working at Chili's and after all these years they have finally come to this mind blowing conclusion. Now, I completely understand that a softball sized onion, dipped in a delicious seasoned batter and deep fried in oil is not exactly going to make me a member of the healthy heart club. I get it. But I also know that in America I hear the liberal media tell me all the time that "it's my body" and that "I live in America" and I should have "freedom to choose." That's what they always say. But now, Chili's does not want to give me this "choice". And yes, the Awesome Blossom was a choice veggie in my book. A fine vegetable indeed. So, now, when I want a glistening deep fried onion I have to drive all the way to Outback Steakhouse and order the Bloomin' Onion. Because the Aussie's at Outback are still giving me a choice.

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Tonya Lee said...

There are so many political metaphors in that post that I don't know what to begin except to say: Big Nanny, you are a genious!!!

Tonya Lee said...

Let's all agree to pretend that I am so funny that I purposefully spelled genius wrong as a joke, but being the good Christian that I am I will admit I am tired and going to bed right now!

Teresa said...

Typical liberals. They don't mind selling us $6 cups of narcotics at Starbucks because they look super cool and full of hope and change while drinking them. But they wouldn't be caught dead eating a awesome blossom. And so you shouldn't be either.

You should write your congressman. Or better yet, email the Sarah Palin camp. I'm pretty sure she would fight tooth and nail against this injustice.

Sonja said...

while I'm all for bashing of the liberal media and the left wing of our government, I MUST step in here and say, "You MUST give up the bloomin' onion." I can't stand by and watch the travesty that will be you if you continue on this bloomin' onion path. I would like for my youngest preschooler to still have a minister in the years to come.

Lisa said...

This blog is so informative. I had not idea. I guess I haven't made it out to Chilis in awhile. I've never had the B.O, but it seems like a great idea. I guess anything fried is a good idea. Although, I must say that I have never in my life heard of a fried Oreo. I would try to make one, but would probably burn the house down. It is most likely better for me to not know what I am missing.