Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: T-Scarf

I didn’t have enough scarves so I thought I would start tearing up shirts so that I could add some pizazz to my wardrobe. 

So the first thing you need is a t-shirt. This is a ladies size large.

shirt 1

And you’ll need to cut straight across right under the armpit.

(Random thought: Why do little boys make noises with their hands and armpits.  I’m quite certain that’s the reason that God didn’t give me a son.  He knew I couldn’t handle the armpit noises.)

shirt 2

Now you have a rectangle that should look like this.

shirt 3

Now you will need to start cutting one inch strips.

shirt 4

Now it should look like this. At any point during this tutorial, you can stop what you’re doing and turn this into a dust rag.

shirt 5

Don’t forget to cut off the tag.

shirt 6

Now you’re going to hold the top of the fabric and pull on the bottom of each strip.  You’ll need to make it “spring” a little so that the strips don’t look so straight.

shirt 7

And then you just wrap it around until you have something that slightly resembles a scarf.  There’s a good possibility that someone is going to ask you if you have a cut up t-shirt around your neck. And then you just say…

I saw it on the Pin-Interest.

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