Monday, March 12, 2012

Messy Monday: Labels

Labels. I love them. You'll see evidence of them whenever I'm around. Some people like to make fun of this fact. I’m not sure why.  If everyone labeled everything; I would know where everything is and where everything goes. It’s a public service that I like to offer people so they will put items back in their correct spot. 

label 2I label my kitchen.

label 6I label my bathroom
b card pic
I label my children.
Okay, well maybe that’s taking it a little too far.  But my Dad always calls me Misty and that’s not my name.  It’s my sister’s name.  So obviously we should label our children to make it easier on parents.
labelmaker Label makers make the world a better place. You should have one.
label 1
And fancy labels make the world a prettier place.
You can get these free label templates here.
Happy Monday!

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