Thursday, April 19, 2012


Big Nanny has been HIJACKED!!! Her "girls" wanted to take over while she was out of the country.  Enjoy the next few days as we give you some insight into our world with Big Nanny. 

We don’t need you! You need us!
 I need teachers! I pretty much always need teachers. We have a lot of preschoolers and it takes a lot of volunteers to provide good, quality care for them each week. Plus, its promotion time and teachers are moving to other departments and the “holes” are piling up.
Yes, it is true that I need to fill these holes. A huge part of my job is to staff Sunday School. But God gave me a different perspective for this year’s recruitment.
Future teachers need us.
Not me or the preschool staff, or even the precious children.
I realized that each “hole” represents an invaluable opportunity, a true gift. See, I remembered how much I grew in my faith when I started teaching two year olds. We went from church members who attended regularly to leaders who couldn’t miss. People were counting on me. I had made a commitment and I didn’t want to let those two year olds down.
However, what started as a commitment grew. It grew and grew! God took my act of obedience and He changed my heart. I started doing more Bible Studies and the people who were serving around me influenced my walk tremendously. You see, it wasn’t me that the church or even the kids needed. I needed this. I needed the opportunity to serve God on a weekly basis.
Then one day, they offered me a job. Now I can’t tell you that your service will end up in employment, but I can tell you that it will change your life!
The biggest perk – you get to work with Big Nanny!!! She is not only a really cool girl, she is one of the wisest people I have ever known! Come work with her and she will bless you!


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