Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mamaw's Fast

Mamaw(aka: My mom who doesn’t read my blog)just got the high speed cable internet. She’s flying fast all over the world wide interweb. She’s making PW’s tomato soup. (She would want me to tell you she didn't include the cooking Sherry.) She’s reading blogs about crafting. She’s keeping up with Big and Boo. She’s watching funny things on YouTube. And of course, she’s reading her favorite blog. She would like Teresa to see this video and implement what she has learned at her next choir practice.

P.S. I’ve been a little slow with the blogging. I have things to blog…I’ve just been a little short on time and I have a headache. This is the best I can do today. And really people, the most you can expect from me is once a week. Don’t waste your cable internet energy on checking my blog everyday….you will just be disappointed. Coming soon...world's largest stack of onion rings.

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