Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday

I love this cup.  It's my favorite.
I like to drink from a straw and this cup makes me drink more water.
I only drink water from this cup. 
I'm not OCD but this cup is for water only
Not for Cokes, not for Diet Dr. P and definitely not for tea because 
I don't really care for tea. I spend lots of time with people that like tea. 
Specifically, one unsweet tea with 3 lemons and one Splenda...
that's why I don't drink tea. It's too complicated.
You can fill said cup with water from your tap or fridge...
yes, from your tap.
You'll save lots of money and not have to buy bottled water.
You can buy the cup at Kroger.
Give your bottled water savings to a worthy cause.
Give the cup with a cute tag to your favorite teacher!

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