Thursday, September 15, 2011

Confessions of a Lost and Found Shopper

I sometimes find myself shopping in the rarest of places...

The lost and found box at church. Yes, I know it's tacky to admit such a thing, but I find good stuff. And that good stuff is free if no one comes to the box and claims it after 30 days.

But this kind of shopping can also get quite awkward...

Like when someone compliments the item you're wearing and you wonder if they used to own it?


Someone comes up to you and says, "I lost a pair of sunglasses, you haven't seen them have you?" and you're wearing them on your head...awkward.


Someone says to you, "My sister has a pair of sunglasses like that." And then you have to awkwardly admit that they might be your sister's sunglasses because you got them out of the lost and found.

But it's a chance I'm willing to take. I sported a great scarf all last winter and received many compliments. Yes, I just don't just take the sunglasses. I'm not too good to wash and wear your accessories to spruce up last year's sweater dress.

A recent sunglass acquisition was a pair of Ann Taylor Loft sunglasses that were left on the kitchen counter at church. They had been sitting there for a good while, and I had asked several people about them and no one claimed them. They were great sunglasses.

And then one day someone asked about the location of some Ann Taylor Loft sunglasses...

The downside of this type of shopping is sometimes the glasses belong to your friends and the right thing to do is to give them back.

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