Thursday, December 23, 2010

Losing my Bloggin' Mojo

Dear Blogger,

I would like to apologize for my blog slacking ways. Not sure how this happened, but I've always been annoyed by people that start a blog and then never blog. I'm sure it bothers your organization as well because those people that start blogs and never blog are taking up valuable space on your super big server.

But you see...

I don't have a tiny tot to blog about and you can only take so many pictures of a 13 year old...she really doesn't change much from day to day. Well, she changes her outfits often, but she would not think I was cool if I took a picture of the outfit every day and posted it here.

I've been doing this job for almost four years now and I think I've covered all I can without getting fired. I could write a really long dissertation on the 101 excuses I've heard to get out of serving in worship care but you don't have that much space on your server. And it's really only 100 know how I like to exaggerate.

You all know that I've got some fruity friends and we're funny when we're together, but we're all running in different directions right now, so we're rarely together.

It's not summer so I don't have any pics of Lawnmower Man mowing the lawn.

The Medium Nanny is at university doing all that studying...which doesn't really make for funny blog material.

I've blogged about Africa and blogged some more about Africa, but I'm not sure how much more anyone can take. But I'll be back there soon, so you never know.

So, I'm at a loss of what to blog about but if you will keep me on your server a little while longer, I'm willing to try to get back to my mediocre brand of writing.

Your friend,

Big Nanny

P.S. Dear Blog Reader (Yes,I'm assuming there's only one left.), I could use some topics :)


Ashley said...

You need to pick a theme... like

What's on the Menu Monday...

What Teens are into these days Tuesday...

Things I overheard at church Wednesdays

Thought you'd never ask Thursdays...

Funny/Fashion/ Friday

I know you have it in ya. I just saw a bunch of post on PW about all the hotel's she visits. You could take a random picture of some location you are at on a weekly basis and see if anyone can guess where you are.

Big Nanny said...


All of those are great ideas but Menu Monday...I'm not exactly known for my making menus :)