Thursday, April 22, 2010

Local Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby

It was just yesterday that I found myself in a very familiar place...

Baptist Hospital
I go there often to meet new people...

Big Nanny meeting Tytus Paul and admiring every roll.
Yes, I changed him out of that muscle shirt and into a baby gown that he will probably only wear once because gowns only go up to 12 lbs.

(He told me the newborn diapers were for lightweights.)
rolling in at 11 pounds (ouch), 1 ounce (ouch), 22 inches(ouch)
this past Tuesday night.
Proud Father: Pastor Reagan, Strong Mother: Heather
Big Sister: Reese Cup


Melissa said...

Oh my freakin' cow! I just learned that she PUSHED that monster out WITH NO MEDS!!!! Oh my cow! Oh my cow! She'll need to wear Depends for the rest of her life now! Oh my cow!

Me said...

Somebody take that boy to Stoney River for a steak!

Nicole @ Four Real said...

Ok, I thought she looked really big but OH MY WORD!!!! GOD BLESS HER! She wins the award!

Wags said...

Melissa you're very kind... I'll take credit for laboring to 10 cm before I finally wised up and took that wonderful dose of medicated bliss they call the epidural. After only a few pushes though, a needle to the spine wound up being more heavenly experience than any day I've ever had sitting on the beach in Destin with the sand between my toes. So yes, I labored and pushed a few times with no meds, but one split of my, well... You know... knocked the stupid out of me pretty quick!

Great post, Big Nanny. When he gets his signing bonus from the Cowboys after the NFL draft tonight, I'd love to pitch in on Medium Nanny's next tuition payment... or your next trip to the Varisty. Your pick. :)

Tammy said...


At work, I got to witness the birth of a GIANT baby boy who weighed in at 11 lb/12 oz. He looked like a Sumo wrestler, literally. I almost lost it when the dad said, "one more ounce and he woulda been 12 pounds!"

Congratulations on this big bundle of joy!

Cara said...

Congratulations, It's a TODDLER! I cannot even imagine! All 3 of my babies were small. The largest was 7 1/2 lbs and I thought he was going to kill me. (He had a 95th percentile head size.) :o/ My kiddos are still small too! My youngest is 6 but has barely grown in to size 3T!

I rolled with laughter at the "one more ounce and he woulda been 12 pounds comment" posted by Tammy. Is that an example of fuzzy math? ;oP

Wags, CONGRATULATIONS! I wised up with my 3rd and had the epidural. It was the best thing E-V-E-R! Frankly, I was ready for it at about 32 weeks. LOL! I don't mean to mislead, though. I did have IV meds with my first two and I *wanted* an epidural with #2 - the one with the big head - but my water broke moments after I asked for the epidural and I never did get it. He was born less than an hour later!