Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't get on the boat

I have a little product review for you today. It was just last week that I found myself sitting under the Bahama sunshine without an ounce of sunscreen. Yes, I didn't take sunscreen with me to the Bahamas. Huge mistake. My thinking was that I didn't want to check my luggage, and we all know that the H*m*land Security Team is looking for bad girls just like me who are trying to smuggle large cans of spray-on sunscreen into their carry on bag. I'm an obvious threat to international security.

So we arrived Wednesday afternoon and sat in the sun for just a little while. We then got ready for some shopping and dinner, and I decided that I would pick up some sunscreen. Surely to goodness there is a Bahama equivalent to Walgreens somewhere on the island. NOT SO MUCH. When we finally arrived downtown, all the little stores were closing up shop. I still thought there was hope when Lawnmower Man spotted a little shop outside the restaurant we were sitting in, and we would just run in there after we were done. (I would like to make a note that we were eating dinner during the 7 p.m. hour.)

So we finished up dinner and we headed to the little beach shop, and I saw a sign that said: CLOSED

This did not deter me. I could see that there were still people in the store finalizing their purchases, and I politely knocked on the door hoping that they would want one more sale for the day. My polite knocks went un-noticed. We then realized that there was another door so I marched over to that door and may have kicked up the knocking a notch. I made eye contact with the store clerk and said to her through glass: can I buy some suncreen with a big smile on my face. Her eyes said all that they needed to say: NO SUNSCREEN FOR YOU!

So we went back to our hotel, and I walked into the hotel gift shop and made this purchase...

Banana Boat Sunscreen
(Dear Medium Nanny, We are so sorry that we cannot make your next college tuition payment. We made the mistake of buying sunscreen in the Bahamas.)

This was the only can of spray-on sunscreen that they had. I knew that this was my least favorite brand of sunscreen because every can that I have purchased gets clogged and comes out in a stream instead of a fog. Then you have to rub it in with your hands and it's hard to get it evenly distributed. And then you have bright red spots/hand print marks on your legs. Not the best look. I was hopeful that this was going to be the one good can. It was not.

Just for the record, I highly recommend Coppertone Sport in the blue can or it's Target brand equivalent. It sprays perfect, just like my can of Big Sexy Hairspray.

This is an unpaid endorsement.

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