Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Bloggy Give-a-Way: This Little Prayer of Mine

When my girls were little, I loved to read them books that rhymed.And I'm here to tell you why...because I was tired and if the book was a rhyming book there was a good chance that I could memorize it!

It all started with the Medium Nanny and her love for that crazy family called the Berenstain Bears. These books were available at the grocery store and I would let her pick one as a treat. We had a collection of bear books and we read them on most nights. The problem with those pesky bears is they were always getting into predicaments that took them 30 pages and lots of words later to figure out. Sometimes I would occasionally try and skip a page but then we would find the bears in a big mess of boysenberry honey and we wouldn't know why.

When the Lil'Nanny came along, I chose my books wisely. For example, Brown Bear and Good Night Moon were on the reading roster. These were books that I could memorize because they had a nice rhyming pattern. Not exactly life changing literary material but we enjoyed reading them just the same.

But today I get to show you a book that has a nice rhyming pattern and talks about something important...


Here is one of my favorite lines from the book...

I want to help the poor and sick and show them that I care. And if you give me riches, God, that fill a treasure chest, I promise to be generous and share what I possess.

Anthony DeStefano sent me a copy to give away. Leave a comment and I'll announce the winner on Wednesday. If you do not have a blog id, just leave your name and email address.

I would tell you that I'm going to put them in some form of a random generator number thing, but I don't know how to do that. I've only given away a tube of mascara from my bathroom and a Chik-fil-A coupon that I had in my purse so I'll just throw them all in a hat and let Lawnmower Man draw the winner.

If you don't win, you can click on over here to get your own copy of This Little Prayer of Mine

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Amanda Pilkinton said...

Fun! I love a giveaway!!!

Ashley said...

Me! Me! Me! Pick ME!

(There is a web site for the random generator thing)

Pamela Johnson said...

So look, I would love that book. Wouldn't you love to pick me? That would so bless my family!

Me said...

We love to read, we love to pray
Oh how much bacon EK will fry you,
if you send that book our way!


Melissa Lee said...

I had to move.
You miss me.


Nicole @ Four Real said...

I think since I have continued to give you job security adding to the numbers in preschool, we NEED it! :)

Kari said...

What excitement for a Monday morning. All my little Wambies would love that book; I'm sure of it.

Erin said...

Oh those pesky Berenstain bears...and lengthy Franklin books. How we'd love a clever rhyming book, especially about something so precious.

happymcfamily said...

One thing is for sure, if I don't win it I'm going to find a way to buy it and put it in Juliana's Easter basket!

You got by easy with the Barenstain Bears. Last year at a yard sale I picked up a whole collection of Magic School Bus books thinking that J wouldn't be interested in them for a few years. Well, they are her FAVORITE books, and not only are there more pages and more words than the bears, sometimes I have trouble pronouncing the words! (Can you say echolocation? lol)

P.S.- If you have any recommendations for daily devotions, I'm all ears. We finished the Step Into the Bible by Ruth Graham and haven't quite found another one we like yet.

Robyn said...

Taylor LOVES the Berenstain Bears too, but I have been trying desperately to teach her that the poor and needy are REAL and it is our job to help them!

Teresa said...

I don't really wanna win. I just want to feel included. : )

Ashlee said...

Riley loves new books!:)

BlessingsAbundant said...

Put me in the drawing, Please! I would love that book!

Heather said...

It sounds like a great book. I'm sure my boys would love it. And that part you included? It's been my prayer for a long time. :)
Thanks for the meaningful giveaway.
Heather T

Alli said...

Since I've been absent from the blogosphere for several months, and started back with YOUR blog, shouldn't you pick me? If I don't win, I will probably buy the book anyway--I love rhymes, and this one has a good message :)

KellyRose said...

I've been trying to leave a comment for 2 days and my computer won't let me. I'm hoping I make the cut off!

Pick me Pick me! I didn't win the mascara giveaway with my trashy "blackest black" mascara, so here's hoping for a big W on this great giveaway.
There is nothing like hearing the prayers of a sweet little 2 year old! :)

Anonymous said...

dad saw book on foxnews so he wants to read

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dyanna said...

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Have a nice day.

Sonja said...

I was the lucky recipient of the mascara. I wouldn't call it a "giveaway" was an intervention. A Radke/Spencer intervention on a unsuspecting friend.

I want the book.

And what's up with the comment from Mike Thomas? Is that for real? Are you going to be on Oprah? I mean, if you actually watched Oprah or something.