Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Africa Trip, Part 4: My Home in Uganda

We arrived at the Entebbe airport and we stepped outside to find these little guys...

Monkeys at the airport...only in Africa;)

How many white people can you fit on a bus in Africa?

Not enough because some had to ride on the luggage truck.
 Normally, I'm a ride in the back of a truck kinda girl but not in Africa.

We finally made it to the Kingfisher in Jinja.
 It truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

It was time to check into our hut;) 
Sumer & I shared room #1 in the hut and Tabby & Alicia shared room #2 in the hut. 
We had a bed and our own bathroom.

and of course, we had our mosquito net.  We got into bed and tucked our mosquito net in around the edges to keep the creatures out.  Not mosquitos but frogs, lizards, spiders, etc.  We laughed because here we were in Africa sleeping under a net.  It seemed like it took so long to get to this place and we were so ready to get to the real reason we came to care for orphans.  It was almost time to go to Katie's house.

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Heather said...

In response to how many white people can you fit on a bus in Africa?? ONE more! The answer is ALWAYS one more! ;) If I could've ridden public transportation over there, I so would've been on top of the bus, on top of the stuff on top of the bus!! :) But, big sigh, I had to ride INside our Missionairy's truck. Maybe next time! :) The one blessing my husband got from me riding in the traffic in Dakar??? I don't "comment" on his driving much now! ;) His driving is GREAT in comparison. Those drivers are LOCO!! Yeah, I just used Spanish in reference to the Seneglese people. I was speaking French/Spanish in the airport, which was partially ok. French is the official language. :)
Anyway, I'd LOVE to go back TOMORROW!! Sigh.